Government of Telangana Encumbrance Certificate is Mandatory when Purchasing Property

Telangana Encumbrance Certificate

When buying a fixed property, one of the mandatory documents you need to get is the Encumbrance certificate of Telangana. First of all, let’s have a look at what the encumbrance certificate is. This is a certificate that certifies that there are no dues on the property and the owner can transfer to you.

Once the property has been marked as clear and marketable, then it means that the property is ready to be issued. It is important therefore to be aware of what is encumbrance certificate so that things will go well when planning to purchase a property.

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Situations when you are forced to get an encumbrance certificate

There are a number of circumstances that may force you to visit Telangana registration EC and apply for the encumbrance certificate of Telangana. The first circumstance when you will have to obtain an encumbrance certificate when you are applying for a home loan from banks. If you are planning. To take a home loan for either building a home or buying home fixtures, an encumbrance certificate important. With this certificate, you will be a position to be able to apply for this loan and own property.

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Secondly, through Telangana registration EC, you will be able to specify the situation you are in at that moment. Such a situation might be your need to obtain a loan which tied to a property you own. In other words, you may apply for a Telangana encumbrance certificate. if you need a loan and you want your house to act as a guarantee for that particular loan.

Thirdly, as long as you have the answer as to what is encumbrance certificate. Then you will be in a position to consider applying for an encumbrance certificate if you need to buy or sell a property. The buyer of your property will want to see if you actually own that property. Before the can buy your property. Here you need an encumbrance certificate to ensure the transaction is done with the right documents.

Details found in the EC Telangana

There are a number of very important details you need to be aware of especially when applying for an EC Telangana. Before registering for Telangana registration EC, some of the details required to produce include all transactions regarding the property.

Secondly,  all the details of sales deeds; that includes the period of a transaction? Thirdly, details of gifted deeds circumstances when the property is given or inherited. Other details that you can find in the encumbrance especially when checking the encumbrance certificate Telangana status.

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