Check Trademark Availability and Search your Business Brand Name Online in India

 Check Trademark Availability in India

Unlike during yesteryears when a trademark was published in hard documents, the advancement in technology has made it possible for you to be able to do a trademark search online. As long as the trademark you are searching is found within India, the best thing to do is visit the and you will be in a position to register your trademark name, slogan and its logo.

 Check Trademark Availability in India
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Your business is all about a trademark since a brand name all depends on it. However, it for those who are new in the world of business, you could be asking yourself what is a trademark. The answer to this just right in front of you. A trademark is a symbol which sets your business aside from other businesses. Without a trademark, people may become confused especially if your business name is closely pronounced like another one.

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How to do a Trademark Search in India

If you are residing in India, you don’t need to worry anymore about how and where to search for a trademark. With, there are three steps that you need to go about or follow so as to find out whether your trademark is available or has already been taken by another business. The first step is completing an online trademark form. Filling this form is basically a way of giving more details about your trademark, name as well as the logo. The only way in which you can search your trademark is by filling this form so that the online search can be based on the details you have provided.

How to do a Trademark Search in India
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The second step when searching your trademark search in India is the generation of your trademark application. As soon as you give your details on the first step, the second step is basically a trademark check. This is where your details are checked against the trademark database to see if there is such trademark. We can also say that this step is basically a check of trademark availability. This is checking if your trademark has been used elsewhere so as to avoid duplication. This step is very important basically because the government of India and all the state government has outlawed the duplication of the trademark. That is the reason why trademark search is very important.

How to check is a brand name has been registered in India

How to check is a brand name has been registered in India
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It is important for you to check if your brand name has been registered if you are an Indian citizen. To do so, here are simple step of how to check if a brand name has been registered in India. First, look for an online federal database which allows you to check the availability of a brand name. Here you will have to fill in a simple questionnaire then our details will be run against the federal database. In case your brand name has been registered, then you will receive feedback showing the status, where the brand name is located and the owner as well.

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