It is Possible to apply for a Lost PAN Card and Get a Duplicate PAN Card in India

Apply for a Lost PAN Card and Get a Duplicate PAN Card in India

It is very common for people to lose card no matter how important those cards are. You will agree with me that whenever we lose a card such as an ATM card or any other card, we normally feel very bad and uncomfortable. With that idea in mind, you don’t need to worry anymore because if your PAN card is missing, then to can always apply for a new duplicate PAN card at any time. I know that someone will ask how one does in order to apply for a duplicate PAN card. In this article, you will get to understand how you go about applying for a duplicate PAN card.

Apply for a Lost PAN Card
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Steps of Application for duplicate PAN Card

There are a number of steps and they are actually very simple steps that an Indian citizen like you can follow in order to replace his/her lost PAN card. The first step is that you need to apply through NSDL or UTIPAN facilitation centers. However, considering that you are a modern India, Indiafilings.com allows you to gain access to the website of NSDL or even UTI so that you can start an online card application. However, I recommend that you apply for your duplicate pan card through the NSDL lost PAN Application tab.

Secondly, you need to complete a “Request for New PAN Card/ Change of Particulars form”. This is basically a form where you fill in you’re personal and lost PAN card details so that it can be used as a reference to the duplication of PAN card. This form is mandatory and you cannot avoid this step at all.

Thirdly, submit the filed form and accompany them with a copy of the lost Pan card but if you don’t have the copy, you need to accompany your form with an FIR cop stating that your PAN card is lost and you have considered applying without any copy of it.

Steps of Application for duplicate PAN Card
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The fourth step is paying for the PAN card processing fee. In order to process new PAN application, you will pay Rs.110 but if you are outside India and you are one of the tax payers, you will have to pay an application fee of Rs.1020.

The fifth step as far as the application for duplicate PAN card is concerned is signing and sending the application. You can also track the New PAN card will be ready within two weeks. With this information, you are now in a position to know how to apply for a lost Pan card on your own. It is, however, important to make sure that you have all the requirement needed for you apply for a duplicate PAN card.

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