Top 12 best english love quotes

List of Best Romantic Love quotes in English

Below is the list of selected best love quotes in English from all over the world from different countries also see Hindi love quotes

Love is the feeling, which is higher and unique than all the relationships of the world. This beautiful relationship is a beautiful mystery, which no one knows till date. Understanding two holy and pure souls is love. Love is the eternal sky, in which gentle moon smiles. The bright sunlight of the sun is shining and the naughty stars of unharmed humor shake. Love is a book prized, Open it with great amplitude Every letter written in it – like pearl, diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby, coral and topaz are valuable and foreshadowing.


1. Karen Marie Moning :

2. Dr. Seuss

love quotes by Dr seuss


3. Sarah Dessen

love quote by sarah Dessen


4. Pablo neruda

love quotes by pablo neruda


5. A.A Milne

English love quote by A A Milne

6. Simone de Beauvoir:

love quotes by simone de Beauvoir

7. Stephanie perkins

Image source: – love quotes by stephanie perkins


8. Kim george

love quotes in english by kim george

9. David wilkerson :

Image source:  –  love quotes by david wilkerson

10. Carolyn gold herlbrun :

love quotes in english- best love quotes by carolyn gold herlbrun


11. Nicholas Sparks

romantic quotes by nicholas sparks

12. Paulo Coehlo  :


romantic love quotes by paulo coehlo


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