IIMK – Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

IIMK – Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode Set up in the year 1997 by the Government of India and also by the Government of Kerala. It is an autonomous Business School in Calicut, Kerala. IIMK Constitutes of Development in  Teaching, Research, Training and also Development in the Intellectuals.

IIMK kozhikode
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The main Objective of the IIMK is to Develop analytic Skills and also Global, cross Culture Activities in both Business and Social. IIMK Comes under the Department of Higher Education and also in collaboration with the Ministry of Human resource Development(MHRD).

Programs of IIMK

IIMK programmes
IIMK programmes

Post Graduate program – PGP

PGP in IIMK is an Educational Program to make the Graduates for the purpose of High level Positions in the Business and Industries.

Executive Post Graduate Program – EPGP

The EPGP is the exact program for the executives and also the professionals to improve their skills to develop their Industries to the high level. IIMK started this program in 2001 for Executives for the first time and given management Education in the Interactive Learning (IL) Mode.

Fellow Program in Management – FPM

FPM is a Doctoral Program and also gives full financial support to the students. FPM provides the  Knowledge in all areas of the Business Management programme to make the students able to research in all the business, institutions, Industry and government.

Executive Post Graduate Program – Kochi Campus

Management Develop Program – MDP

MDP in IIMk is to provide Working Executives practice and also the concept of Art in Management. The main Objective of this program is to provide concepts and different Techniques in implementing and Formulating the ideas in multiple areas of business and Industries.

Faculty Development Program – FDP

FDP in IIMK is to make the teaching and Training more efficient in Class rooms Both as training and teaching.

Digital Library in IIMK

IIMK is one of the developments for the Digital Libraries in the world. It also established the Incubation centre for Excellence with the help of Government of Kerala in the favour of Scheduled castes and Tribes to improve their Communication and research etc.

iimk Incubator
iimk Incubator

International exchange Programme

IIMK – Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, has many International Exchange Programmes for the faculty and also the students in order to make their research effective and also to improve their skills.

Recruitment for Faculty and students:

IIMK recruits faculty based on their qualification, Any one can apply who have completed their Ph.D. in any course and must have 10 years of experience. They can apply through online for the various posts in IIMk. The Management of IIMK recruits based on the act of Government of India.

IIMK Recruitment
IIMK Recruitment

The students must qualify the educational Criteria required for the IIMk and can apply through the online.

Tenders and Notices of IIMK

IIMK notices everything in the official site of IIMK. Notices regarding the events and also the Issues of the Institute. tenders of IIMk are given every year for the required equipment in the Institute.

Contact Us

Address: IIMK Campus, Kozhikode
Phone No: +91 – 495-2809100,
Pincode: kerala – 6737570,
Fax: +91 – 495 – 2803010 – 11
Website: www.iimk.ac.in






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