Maharashtra State Agriculture Marketing Board

Maharashtra State Agriculture Marketing Board – MSAMB

MSAMB set up in the year 1984, March, Pune in Maharashtra State, according to the Agricultural Produce Marketing Act by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare in India. MSAMB has importance in developing the Agricultural Marketing System.

maharashtra state agriculture marketing board
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The main Objective of Maharashtra State Agriculture Marketing Board is to make market Committee functioning for the development of the market areas and also for the development of agriculture Produce products in Maharashtra. The funds from the Agricultural Marketing Development are maintained and administered.

Agriculture Produce Market Committee

APMC is a marketing Board, and it is operated by the two principles they are, by ensuring that the farmers must bring their produce to the market yard and must be sold by Auction. and also the farmers should not sell their produce at a low cost.

MSAMB vegetable processing
MSAMB vegetable processing

MSAMB gives loans to the APMC for the development programmes.

Export promotion Program of MSAMB


MSAMB promotes exporting of fruits, flowers, and vegetables from Maharashtra state to many countries in the world so that it helps the farmers and also the organizations of farmers. Maharashtra state agriculture marketing board also developed 44 Export facility centers by the latest technology of Vapour Heat Treatment facility so that the promotion increases and also the employment opportunity increases.


Projects of MSAMB

  1. Project Consultancy Division.
    The main Objective of the MSAMB is to make good marketing of agricultural production, developing agro-processing, post-harvest management to get more remuneration to the farmers for the farm they produce. The farmers are bearing consultancy fees more in order to reduce that the Consultancy divisions are specialized.
  2. Terminal Market,
  3. Market Network (MARKET),
  4. Pre-Cooling and Cold Storage,
  5. Irradiation of Onion,
  6. Maharashtra Agricultural Competitiveness Project (MACP),
  7. Agribusiness Infrastructure Development Investment Program (AIDP),
  8. Convergence of Agricultural Interventions in Maharashtra (CAIM).

Schemes of MSAMB

  1. National Agriculture Market (NAM),
  2. Pledge Finance,
  3. Krishi Panan Yojana,
  4. Subsidy Scheme,
  5. Maharashtra Rajya Bajar Samiti karmachari Seva nivrutti vetan yojana,
  6. Interstate Road Transport Subsidy Scheme.

National Institute of Post Harvest Technology – NIPHT

The key aim of the Institute is to take relevant agricultural research from the lab to land. The chief object is to develop core competence in activities in agriculture, in general, and in agricultural marketing.

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