Learn How to Play Guitar

Learn How to Play Guitar

Learning to play guitar is very fun; playing at the beginning may frighten you, but do not scare, it’s like playing a straight note; The only difference is that you are all playing together! This article will teach you how to play your fingers and play some common strings too. So get ready to hang out!

Learn How to play guitar
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A. Know the strings

Know the strings
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  • Know the strings:

The best way to start is to get your guitar strings to know how they are related to your fingers. To make it easy, we are going to mark both of them. The strings on your guitar are counted like this:

Vertical, string ranges from 1 to 6, indicating the lowest pitch to the highest pitch

Learn more chords
Learn more chords

Horizontal, this number is based on fret posts.

Note, when the instructions are to keep your fingers on the third cell, it means to keep your fingers between the second and third arrows. String contact should be with the third star.

  • Mark your fingers:

Take a look at your left hand, and imagine the numbers stamped on your fingers. Mark your index 1, middle finger 2, ring finger 3, junior number 4 and thumb “T”, but you will not use it for stars in this article.

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  • Know the C chord:

First of all know the strings of the string, which is the most basic string of music. Before doing this, we divide it into luck and know what it means. A proper melody, whether by piano, guitar, or well-trained vocalist, is the combination of only three or more notes. (Two notes are called “, dyad” and it is useful in music terms, but it is not called raga.) Cords may have more than three notes, but this is beyond the scope of this article. . Looks like this on a chord guitar.

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  • The lowest tune is the third string of A string: A
  • The next note is played on the second string of D string: E
  • Notice that there is no finger on the G string. This string should be open when we are pulling C.
  • The highest note is played on the first string of B string: C
  • The highest and the lowest string on the guitar is not played for the basic C-gamut.
  • Try to play the sound:

    Play every tune of the string, take your time and be careful, at one time, take your time and firmly press on Sarika, and drag the string until the sound is ringing, then the next note Increase on

  1. Press your third finger on the strings of the third bell, as mentioned above, drag it and play until the sound is not low, you just played the tune.
  2. Press your second finger on the second string of the string, and if you pull it, you will play it.
  3. break time! Just dragged the open string.
  4. Press your first finger on the first string of B string, and let the notes of C Note sound aloud!
  5. Play a note for a while, for a while. When you are ready, quickly rubbing your fingers on all four strings. You just played Cord!
  6. For the first time you will feel a sting, but when the cough develops, the pain is removed.

B. Learn more chords

  • Expand the vocabulary of your music:

    It is good to play the same chant, and it will definitely lead you in the field of more interesting music, but besides this there is a lot more to music too! There are two other types of frequencies commonly used when playing C Major. F and G. Basic F Raga is played like this:

How to play guitar
How to play guitar

F is a tune in folio, F,A, and C. Note that F and C are played with the same finger. Put the first finger on the first and second strings of the first sarika.

Generally, the folks are formed in such a way that the lower tune is the root cause of all tones, but here, F is built on the first star of the first string. This is “reversal.” Is called.

  • Play the F chord:
guitar play wiki
guitar play wiki
  • You can go to the root of F by playing F on the string. Play the third star with your third finger. You will feel that there is not much difference in sound just that it is full:

  • Play the song G chord:
learn guitar playing
learn guitar playing
  • Like C and F, Jog Raga is also one of the three big episodes in scale. There are several ways to play it, we will show you two. The first method is simple. It is only in the form of F. Raga, only two Sarika goes up.

  • Learn the simple way to g chord:

Learn the simple way to g chord

  • Here is the method of playing chanting with only one finger.

Image Titles Play Guitar Chords Step 9_FIXED

  • Mix all this together:

Mix all this together

  • Now when you know of three fundamental fonts in the key of C, keep them together so that you will probably recognize many popular songs. Chime C four times, Similarly with F twice, G, twice and then back to C:

Note that after every melody, there is a Roman numeral. It signifies the scale of melody on which scale once you know about basic strings in all the keys, it is easy to find out after seeing the chart, by reading every tone.

Practice until your fingers get tired, then take a break and come back. We will also teach you the basic vocabulary of A and A.

  • Know the key of E:

  • There are lots of fun and hard links in it. There are three notes to know, E Major (I), A Major (IV), and B Major (V). E Raga is it.

  • After your gasket is built, it becomes easy enough to play this connotation. You can play all the stars at once. A martial can make 11 tones, press hard and you will feel like having a Rak Hero!
  • Playing A Major:

  • It is another ‘big Raga’, in the form of tone. There are several ways to play this. You can use a finger on the 2 tables of B, G, and (respectively, C #, A, E) D wire, or any other combination of fingers. For this example, we will use the fourth finger on the B wire, the third finger on the wire, and the second finger on the wire:

  • As you get better with playing guitar, you will understand that moving forward quickly from the same chord, the real key is to make the most efficient use of your fingers, and once you kick on training wheels, Then do not be afraid to experiment.
  • Play B Major:

  • You can play it slowly or can play loudly too. The easiest way is shown with the number of black colors. You can also add extra tunes which are shown by the gray number:

  • Try it here:

Here is another small String specimen to use in the key of E:

Try changing the strumming pattern: Do not get stuck on the taught sample only.

  • A key to know:

  • you already have two-thirds part! The key of A is in the first place of A (I), D is in the fourth position (IV) and our principal is in the fifth place (V). Here’s how to play D Raga:

  • Note the first finger on the three strings: this is the beginning of the “Barre” melody. A full Barre melody uses a finger on all the stars, and it is often based on the basic forms shown in this article.
  • Learn an alternate version of the chord: It is useful when playing with D and E:
  • Try it: Here are a few small songs to try your new melody:

guitar playing steps

  • Now, think of the “Down on the Carpenter” song of Kardashan Kalar Vaatr and try again. ‘Reflections’ by Walter Piston, 3th Edition ‘Good Faith’ by Jazz Andy Jaffe, 2nd Edition < / Ref

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