How to Draw Fashion Sketches

How to draw fashion Sketches

In the fashion world, new designs are made of hand-made sketches and only after they are cut and sewn. First, you make Crocus, the size of the model that forms the base of the sketch. Creating a real-looking figure in a reality is not so ego, but it is important to create a canvas that you can portray with your dresses, skirts, blouses and accessories and your other creative. By putting colors and other details such as ruffles, seams, and buttons, your thoughts get a life.

How to Draw Fashion Sketches
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1. Start your sketch

A.Collect Material:

Choose a hard-lead pencil (H pencil that is perfect), make a light, sketch and easy-to-use mark. The marks made with such pencils do not spoil the paper, which comes in handy when you have to paint your image. If you want your sketch professional to look good then keep a good quality eraser and thick paper together. when required all this material to become a Fashion designer in the world.

If you do not have the right type of pencil, you can sketch from number 2. Just keep in mind that instead of pressing hard on the page, create very light marks.

Drawing a Crocus
Image Source: Threads Magazine

Drawing from a pen is not right, because you will not be able to remove the marks you have made.

You will also need color markers, ink and paint to color your clothes design.

B.Think of poses for your crocus:

The model for your design, also called Crocus, will have to be made in such a pose in which all the items are best viewed. You can show your model while walking, sitting, bending or doing something else. Initially, you will want to start with the most common poses, and that is Runway Pose, in which a model is shown standing on the runway or walking. It is the easiest to draw and will also give you the opportunity to showcase your design in the whole view.

Think of poses for your crocus
Image Source: Pinterest fashion illustration

Because you want to show your design that it is professional and attractive, it is important that you make them on such crocus that is made and measured correctly.

Many fashion illustrators draw a lot of crocus, then they can learn the art of making them in different poses somewhere.

C.Think of the use of different methods for making crocus:

Well, it is a good thing to draw your own crocus because you can make them according to the measurements you want. But, if you want to start designing your own clothes, then you can follow these shortcuts:

Image Source: pinterest

Download an online, because there you will find the shape and size of all the methods. For example, you can download the Crocus in a child, a man, a thin woman’s shape, etc.

You can also make a crocus by tracing the outline of the model by viewing the Magazine’s add or any picture. Simply create an outline by placing a tracing paper on the image of the model you like.

2.Drawing a Crocus

A.Draw the balance line:

This is the first line of your sketch, and it represents the center of Gravity of your model. Draw it from the top of the head to the feet toes, and keep the attention of the backbone of the Crocus. Now make an oval for the head. This is the base of your crocus, and from this, a measured drawing can be made. You can treat Crocus as a skeleton of your model.

Illustrate patterns and prints
Image Source: fashion illustration

The balance line is a straight line, and even if you want to showcase your model, this line will be straightforward. For example, if you want the model to tilt your hips towards the left in your pose, then draw a direct balance line in the middle of the page. You want to draw that line from the head of the model to the floor where it is standing.

Note that when you are designing clothes, then there is no need to model a perfect measure, that’s because you are going to show clothes, not the art of your drawing. Do not worry about making a feature look perfect or a feature on his face.

B. First, make the pelvic area:
 make the pelvic area
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Where Pelvis is located on your body, create a proportionate proportion of the equilateral balance line, just below the middle of the same place. Make your scooter as wide as you want to make the model. The skewer of a slim model will be seen as a plus-sized model.

Tilting that pelvic scour either left or right, keeping the poses of your choice in mind. For example, if you want your model’s hips left to the left, then tilt the scarier towards the left side. If you normally want a straightforward model, then make that screwier straight without any left or right angle.

C. Make the shoulders and trunk:

Increase the lines of the fuselage upward, by two corners of the pelvic scour. Increase the torso upwards too, and then bend it at the waist in the middle and then proceed to the shoulders. Like a real human body, shoulders should be equal to the width of the hips, or the top of the pelvic box.

Make the shoulders and trunk
Image Source: Pinterest

When you are done, the trunk should look like a human body trunk. See models of models in the magazine and advertisements for references. See how the waist is thinner than the lower part of the body and hips. The torso should be equal to two heads in length.

According to the two positions named Contra poses or Counter poses, it is common to sketch shoulders and hips in the opposite direction. It seems like walking. Make the waist as a horizontal line, which is smaller than the shoulders and hip lines.

Note the Bend Line (Rib Cage Curve) because these angles and lines are important in making such a figure, which is not seen by the fact that its limbs are rocked.

D.Skin neck and head:
Skin neck and head
Image Source: pinterest

The neck of the neck should be one-third of the shoulders and half-length of the head. After making this, sketch the head, which should be in proportion to the body. The more you grow; the age of the same model will be less.

You can remove the starting oval that you made for the head.

Make heads that are natural with the pose you choose. You can make it slightly up or down, or right and left tilt.

E. Make legs:
 Make legs
Image Source : pinterest fashion illustrations

A leg is the longest part of the body; its length should be equal to about four heads. You can divide the legs into two halves, thighs (from the bottom of the pelvic box to the knees) and calves (from the knees to the beginning of the heel). Keep in mind that fashion illustration often prolongs the feet of the model to show the height of the model.

The upper part of the thighs should be equal to the head width. Reduce the width of each foot from the thigh to the knees. As long as you reach the knees, your foot should be one-third of the width of the thighs.

To make calves, reduce the width to the ankles. Each shoulder should have a quarter width of the head.

F. Finish with knees and hands:

Legs are thinner. Make them like a long triangle and keep their length equal to the head. Make the hands as feet, thin on the wrist. Make them taller in proportion to the real life of the furs, because it looks more stylish. Finally, make hands and fingers.

3. Draw clothes and accessories

Illustrate patterns and prints
Image Source: youtube
A.Create your own original design:

Think of what you were looking for, and try to make it to the last detail. For example, if you are designing the dress, make a beautiful dress by adding patterns, ruffles, text, bows etc. Focus on those parts of your design which separates them, and then include the appropriate accessories for the style to be understood correctly. If you want some new idea or you do not know where to start, then for inspiration For Fashion Trends in Internet or Magazine.

B.Sketch the skull open:

Because the purpose of fashion illustration drawing is to bring out your design idea when you are drawing clothes, then sketch open. Sketch clothes that look natural on the crocus. Make folds around the elbow and waist, and also near the shoulders, heel, and wrist. Think of how the clothes will look like on the person and make it on your model.

Drawing a Crocus
Image Source: bigstockphoto

Keep in mind that different fabrics and structures appear differently in the human body. If the fabric is thin and silky, then it stays on the body flowing, feeling like moving. Assume fabric is thick similar to denim or fiber then it tightened and it will be less body shape (denim jacket example).

Try to show the feel of any cloth you are drawing, even if it is not silk, rough, rigid or soft. Add buttons and sequins to the drawing to look more natural.

C. Learn how to create folds, folds, and pleasures:

Make a crease in the fabric of the different types you make. If you know how to make folds, folds, and pleats in cloth, you can show its structure.

Folds can be made with loose, wavy lines.

Show the folds with the help of a circular pattern.

Create a true edge by removing a straight edge.

D. Illustrate patterns and prints:
Draw clothes and accessories
Image Source: pinterest

If your design looks like a pattern or printed fabric, it is very important to show how they will look on a model. First of all, start by making an outline of those patterns, such as skirts and blouses. Divide it with the help of a grid with different mines. According to the pattern of the fabric, fill every single meal with one tax.

Please note that the folds, folds, and pleats are changing the pattern of the pattern. To match exactly, you will have to bend or cut it in some places.

Take out the time so that you can see the pattern correctly and also see that the whole grid looks like one.

E. Finish your drawing with shading, Inc or color:

Use the black ink or paint on the line you want to keep. You can now remove the marks of a body shaping sheet or useless pencil. Finally, color the clothes with colors according to your liking.

You can color the fabric with markers, ink, and paint. Mix the color and illustrate your design with many shades.

Imagine doing this while working on the shading and texture, as you are coming under the spotlight on the runway. Creating deep folds in the fabric will make you look darker than the color of the color you are using. Whenever it is influenced by Fabric Lights, the colors seem to be light.

Adding features such as hair, sunglasses, and makeups are one of the last steps that will make your fashion illustration sketch look alive.

F.Think of making flats:
Image Source: pinterest

Along with making fashion illustration, you may need to make a flat schematic. This is a fashion illustration of the design of your clothes that shows its flat outline, exactly like it has been placed on a flat surface. It is helpful for people who are looking at this design because it appears as if it is worn on somebody.

Flats should be drawn according to the scale. Try to create a fashion illustration that is very similar.

You should also have a back view of the flats, especially if there are some important details in the back part of the design.


Some people like to show their models very thin. Keep your model natural. This will work when you have to choose clothes and sew it.

It is easy to make some lines for the head hair, leaving the facial features completely. You will want all the attention to be on clothes.

Stick the material that you want to use in your design next to the design so that you do not forget it.

It is difficult to add texture to clothing and it may require some practice.

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