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About Stalkbuylove

Stalk buy love is a leading fashion brand that offers the trendiest and coolest clothes online. It brings the most fashionable cloth items for its user inspired by international designs. The primary aim of this brand is to deliver western dresses to the doorsteps of those people who love western garments. Stalk buy love is not only popularizing western clothes in India but also doing it in a customized way.

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If the fresh, cool and the new design is all you seek, here you will get all of them. They bring these latest models from the western parts of the world, especially from Europe. These products were designed to fulfill the requirements of young and stylish women. These fashionable ladies always seek to keep in touch with contemporary international definitions of fashion.

To shop online at StalkBuyLove: 

Stalkbuylove Online shopping store has dresses belonging to almost every single category of stylish products for women. Apart from that, garments section consists of 20 different subcategories so that you can choose the best. You will find blazers, tops, shorts, jumpsuits, leggings, jackets, nightwear, trouser and the list goes on.

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It also keeps several accessories for its beloved customers such as shoes, belts, scarves, and bags. The designs of the products are exquisitely elegant and presentable. These classy designs are all borrowed from the fashion hubs in places like New York, London, Berlin, and Paris.

Browse through the exciting range of Stalk buy love dresses and reinvent yourself wearing their classy attires. Besides, they also have their own home magazines where you can freely view as well as read about their official website. So, you get to see several combinations and the latest styles before deciding which product to buy. Originality is the key to success of Stalk buy love.

Stalkbuylove exclusive promo codes and coupon codes that will enable you to save more in each purchase

These are the most beneficial deals offered by Stalkbuylove coupons for its customers. If you use these Stalkbuylove coupons, you can receive an excellent discount. You will get amazing products at up to 70% discount prices. Isn’t that just amazing? We have more such offers for you. Classy and gorgeous Stalk buy love dresses can now be purchased at a flat discount rate of 22%.

Stalkbuylove offers
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In Stalkbuylove tops and also tees are available with a discount price of Rs 500 from the online store of Stalk buy love. An attractive discount of Rs 300 is also available on varieties of purses and bags for the classy ladies out there.

If you are looking for smart trousers, then this brand is the right choice for you. Stalk buy love brings an exclusive range of comfy trousers at a discount rate of 20%. If you purchase it through StalkbuyLove, you can save even more.

Why people prefer to shop at Stalk buy love?

Who does not desire to dress like a diva? If you are a fashion conscious person, Stalk buys love has to be your obvious choice. If exploring the latest designs of clothes and International styles are the passion of your life, Stalk buy love will be your one-stop destination.


Here you will get the latest designs of western tops, gowns and other dresses. You are not going to find these unique products anywhere else in India, that too at such an affordable price range. Purchase these gorgeous dresses only at Stalk buy love and look like a diva. Browse through the Stalkbuylove coupons at StalkbuyLove and enjoy getting discounts on these beautiful dresses.

Availability of products

We all know that Stalk buy love specializes in dresses. Here you will get a great variety of clothes and several other items as well. You can buy tops, dresses, blazers, cardigans and shrugs, coats, vests, overalls, trousers, dungarees, leggings as well as jeggings etc.

Stalk buy love products
Stalk buy love products

Along with that different blouses, shirts, short skirts, nightwear, hoodies, purses, scarves, shorts, sweatshirts, belts, beachwear, chokers, hair accessories and a lot more are available here. Stalk buy love now delivers products to almost all the major cities in India. Names may be cited of Bangalore, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Bombay etc. There are many Online shopping stores like peachmode, snapdeal etc.

How is shopping for Stalk buy love dresses is beneficial for you?

StalkbuyLove is the most reliable coupon and cashback website in India. In StalkbuyLove, you will get all the exclusive Stalkbuylove coupons for shopping at Stalk buy love. Follow these simple steps and purchase Stalk buy love dresses as much as you want to.

StalkBuyLove coupons
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  1. Go to the main page of StalkbuyLove and sign in to your StalkbuyLove account.
  2. In the search bar, go to the shopping page of Stalk buy love.
  3. Browse through an endless list of dresses and look for cheapest promo codes and coupon codes.
  4. Once you have figured out what you want to purchase, don’t forget to paste the Stalkbuylove coupon that you have got from StalkbuyLove for availing discounts.

Modes of payment available

Stalk buy love is such a company who treats every customer carefully. Your comfort is their prime concern. After you have purchased Stalk buy love dresses of your choice, there are several modes of payment available for you to choose from according to your convenience.

The payment can be made quickly by you with the help of Credit Cards and Debit Cards. Net banking and e-wallets are other available options. If you are not having access to online banking, there is no reason to be upset. Stalk buy love also gives the option of Cash on Delivery. So, enjoy shopping at Stalkbuylove anytime.

All you need to know about Stalk buy love to exchange and return policy

Stalk buy love gives you a secure exchange and return policy. So, you can return or exchange any item purchased at the online store of Stalk buy love, for whatever reason it may be. It can be done within 15 days of getting the product in hand.

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It is requested that the product is going to be exchanged or returned, is not used and is preserved in the same condition in which it was delivered to you. The packaging and the tags are also essential in such cases. It is allowed to try on any product just to be sure, but preserving it is also the duty of the customer who wishes to return it. Once you have decided to return the product purchased from Stalkbuylove, two options will be available for you.

Self- ship: In the majority of the places, Stalk buy love is happy to give a free service to pick up to its customers. As soon as you submit your request for returning the product you have purchased, a pickup option will come in front of your eyes. Then the product will be collected from your address, and it is done from their end for free of cost.

Self-ship: In most of the cities in India, free pick up service is offered by Stalk buy love. In case this option is not applicable in your locality, the shipping cost (Rs 150) that you will have to pay will be credited by Stalkbuylove in your account. In that case, you have to show them a scanned copy of your courier receipt.

How to contact Stalk buy love?

If you have any inquiries or complaints about their service or products, you can always contact the customer care team. The customer care of Stalk buy love will always be available to assist you. They always try to attend to all your requirements and answer all your questions with patience. However, at first, you need to know the appropriate email address to be approached by you.

In case of any press enquiry, we would request you to send an email to press@stalkbuylove.com. If you are willing to start a career with Stalk buy love, we will tell you the email id on which you can send your CV along with your Cover Letter. Email at careers@stalkbuylove.com, and you can start working with this upscale store sending clothes to all parts of India.

You can email your queries to their customer care at contact@stalkbuylove.com. The office address is A-64, FIEE Complex, Okhla Phase – II, New Delhi – 110020. You can also speak to them about your questions or complain if you have any. The helpline contact number or the customer care number for stalk buy love is 011-4000-7000.

A quality check of the product is done by them after receiving it from your side. If in the quality checking process it is found that the product is undamaged, the money will be credited to your account.

If the product fails to pass the quality test, it will be shipped back to the location from which it has been picked up. In case a defective item is given to you, a replacement will be provided to you. You don’t have to pay for that.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Can a product be returned after 15 days?

No, it is not possible.

  1. Are products delivered by Stalkbuylove outside India?


  1. Within how many days will a product be delivered?

It will take 5-9 days.