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The Bodyshop International Limited, popularly known as The Body Shop, was initially a British company that sold cosmetics, perfume, body care products. It was started by Dame Anita Roddick in the year 1976.

It has 1000 types of products that it delivers to 3000 shops in as many as 66 countries all over the world. Some of those countries are the UK, France, Norway, Malta, Oman, Malaysia, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, Hong Kong, Portugal, Germany, Australia.

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It also includes Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, United States, Indonesia, Macau, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Bermuda, Thailand, Qatar and many others. Now Body Shop India is also available for the people of India.

Natura, a Brazilian cosmetics company, owns The Bodyshop. In the years 2016 and 2017, The Body Shop was owned by L’Oreal Paris, and L’Oreal sold it to Natura in 2017, in September.

Why should you buy beauty products from The Body Shop?

Every woman is born beautiful. To give that extra touch on your skin and to retain the beauty that you already have in you, The Bodyshop will be your faithful friend. It is better than other companies selling similar products as the ingredients that they use are not chemicals but natural.

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These natural ingredients like aloe vera are incredibly skin-friendly, and therefore, after using The Bodyshop products, your skin will appear to be more radiant and luminous. For years, The Body Shop has been preferred by women all over the world as the best skin care brand. Shop at The Body Shop for naturally prepared products for skin care, floral fragrances, makeup, body care and bathing products, hair products with discount coupons from The Bodyshop along with free shipping in India.

Whatever you are looking for – shower gel, face wash, body butter, fragrance, shampoo etc. – The Body Shop has it all. Besides, there are also discount coupons, sales, along with cashback if you shop via Meramaal. The only priority of The BodyShop is to pamper all the beautiful ladies and fulfil all their needs.

Delivery of Products

Products will usually be delivered to your doorstep by The Body Shop within two working days. No shipping charges need to be paid for offers above $50. So, hurry up! Enjoy shopping from The Bodyshop and give your skin a divine experience. Don’t forget to do it through Meramaal, to receive extra cashback.

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What are the secrets of shopping at The Body Shop?

The Body Shop India brings you naturally prepared beauty and bathing products. You’ll inevitably fall in love with it after using it. Whatever occasion you have in mind, The Bodyshop can always be trusted as your obvious destination. Not only ladies but also men can purchase everything from the Body Shop.

Bodyshop discounts
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It has everything in the store, from Body Shop essentials to natural makeup at affordable prices. The body lotions, shaving creams, winter creams rejuvenate and nurture your skin naturally. Also, you can save on your every purchase at The Bodyshop.

You can save nearly 70% on The Body Shop’s seasonal sale offers:

Are you looking for body lotion, natural makeup, body butter or any other body care product?

Bodyshop offers
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The Bodyshop has to be your obvious choice in this department. Presently they are offering 70% discount on big beauty and bathing products. Visit The Body Shop online shop and browse through its list of alluring products at incredible prices.

The Boy Shop Friends and Family sales bring the products at a discount rate of 25%

Pamper your skin with natural Body Shop products. At the Friends and Family sales, you can get upto50% off on their natural products.

Why should you consider becoming a member of Love Your Body Club?

If you become a Love Your Body Club member, you can be immensely benefitted. Body Shop India has to offer an extra discount of 10% for members of Love Your Body Club. There is more in store for you. If it is the month of your birthday, The Body Shop gives you $10 as a reward, and there are other ways of collecting points for several other gifts. All the year round the members of the Love Your Body Club are extremely lucky to get exclusive offers.

A list of best products at The Body Shop only for you

The Bodyshop brings for its customers a fascinating range of pampering products for the face, body and hair. It aims to nurture and rejuvenate your body naturally, by using natural products such as aloe vera, sesame seed oil and marula oil. The most popular Body Shop Products are as follows:

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  • Body care products like body butter, excellent bath lilies, body scrubs and many more.
  • Body Butters – It includes Satsuma, Olive, Moringa, Strawberry, Mango, Coconut and Shea.
  • Makeup products – Here the Bodyshop offers you the entire make up essentials a woman needs. You can get mascara, lip gloss, cotton rounds, lipstick, eyeshadow and many others.
  • Fragrances – Excellent fragrances are there for both men and women.
  • Products that promise you to care your whole body – There are several options like Vitamin C, Tea Tree, Vitamin E, Seaweed and Aloe vera.
  • The Body Shop products for hair care – Keeping in mind the requirements of your hair, The Bodyshop brings excellent hair pampering products. How can we forget their superb Banana conditioner and the Banana enriched shampoo? It’s amazing.
  • Bathing products – In this category, The Body Shop India brings different products such as solid body soaps and naturally prepared shower gels.
  • For men’s skin – In the men’s skincare section, white mask and various other products are available for the men out there who love their skin as much as women do.

You can avail all these fantastic products at a discounted price if you shop it through Bodyshop.

Why should you buy The Body Shop products via Bodyshop?

Bodyshop is the most preferred cashback website in India. Their primary aim is to offer their customers the cheapest coupons for online shopping at any store. If you purchase The Body Shop Products via Bodyshop, your shopping experience will be hassle-free as well as delightful. So, start shopping with Bodyshopnow!


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