How to get Green Card

How to get a green card?

Know your eligibility applying the application and getting a green card by completing the visa verification process

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Staying a Green Card or a permanent resident status, you can legally live or work in the United States, and this is the basic step to gain American citizenship. You can apply for a green card by your family or employer. This process can take a lot of time, but its fruit is very exciting. Read what you need to do to get a green card.

A. Know your eligibility:

Find out if you can make a green card through your family: This is the most common and simple way to get a green card. If you are directly related to a U.S. citizen, then according to American law, they can apply for you.

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Many people get the green card as the closest relative of a US If you are an American’s spouse, under 21 years of age, or a 21-year-old parent, then your relative can apply for Form I-130. After this, you will have to follow the “Adjustment of Status” procedure to get local citizenship. For those who are not currently living in the US, the process is slightly different for them, and it is called “consular processing”. After that the US State Department provides your visas, you can become a permanent citizen after coming to America.

If you are building a green card through a relative who has American locality but does not have American citizenship, then the process is the same but it is a bit slow.

If you are aged over 21 or if you are married then changes to your nearest family place, due to which you will have to make a green card in the family class, this process can be interrupted.

You can also get the green card through a special family status, such as someone’s spouse, widow of an American or a widower or child of a foreign state.

B. Find out what you can get through the green card job:

This general category has been divided into many other classes, but there are those processes which can be found through a job, investment or specialized job through a green card. Know whether any of these situations are related to you or not.

You have got a permanent proposal to work in America. If this is the case, then your employer will have to fill labour certification and Form I-140, which is an immigrant proof of foreign workers.

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If you want to get a green card through investment If you are an investor and have invested $ 1,000,000 or $ 500,000 in the field of livelihood and have given employment to at least 10 American citizens, you can apply for the green card as an overseas investor. For this, you have to fill Form I-526.

You have extraordinary capabilities and you want to apply for a green card. People with very talented and extraordinary personality who are top in their field like (Nobel Prize Winner, Top Runner etc.) can apply for Green Card by themselves. This is a very unusual class.

If you fall into the category of special bureaucracy. If you are transferred to Afghanistan or Iraqi, Afghani or Iraqi who has helped the US government, members of the Armed Forces or any other type of special category, then you can get the green card from this class.

c. Find out whether you come to the refugee or refugee category:

If you are the closest relative of US refugees, refuge or refuge, then you can apply for one year after coming to the US for Green Card.

you are living as a refugee in the country then it is necessary to apply for locality after 1 year.

If you are in the US as a refuge, then it is not necessary to apply for a green card.


Applying application and validation of visa

A. Insert the right petition:  

After you know the resident class, one of your relatives or employer has to make an immigrant application for you. In an unusual situation, you can also apply for yourself.

If you want to create a Green Card by family, your relative will have to apply for Form I-130 which comes in the Non-Resident Workers category.

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If you are making a green card through your employer, your employer will have to fill Form I-140 which comes in the Non-Resident Workers category.

you are an investor, apply for Form I-526 which comes in the non-resident investor category.

If you come into a particular category like widow or widower then apply for Form I-360.

you are a refugee or a refuge, you probably will not need to submit a request, if you can complete their expectations in a systematic way.

B. Check the availability of visa in your class:

Once the application has been filed by your converter, relative or yourself, check the visa availability before filling the bank form. The number of visas depends on which category you are submitting a representation or which country is the native.

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Applying on behalf of close relatives may lead to an unlimited number of visas.

In terms of job and who has applied for a green card without a close relative, visa availability is limited. You will be given a date and the visa application will be put in the waiting list.

You will receive Visa Bulletin so that you can monitor your list.

C. Fill in Form I-485:

Apply for the locality. You can fill this form only after the visa is available. Read the instructions well, keep in mind to submit all the documents and requirements. Send the form to the correct address.

Form I-485
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If you are making the green card through the closest family then form I-485 can fill up only when applying for a green card, because there are unlimited visas available in this category.

The application fee for the visa application is $ 1070.


Get Green Cards by Finishing the Process

A. Have your biometrics:

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You will receive an appointment message from the application support centre, and your fingerprints, and your picture and also signature will be taken in it. Based on this information, your pre-background investigation will be done by the center, and also through this means your green card will be ready.

B. Visit for an interview:

In some situations, you may have to go to the USCIS office for an interview. If you get a notice, then go for the appointment, the notice will be marked in time, time and place.

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In some situations, your family member will also have to be present in the appointment.

Go to the appointment with your travel documents, passports and all necessary documents.

C. Wait for the final decision and take your green card:

USCIS will review all of your documents, your interview will assessed and also after confirmation of all the requirements, you will receive mail within 1 month.

If your appointment cancelled, you can appeal.

If your appointment accepted, you will receive a notification regarding the green card in which information related to its renewal will be available.


Read more about getting started with Green Card as soon as possible. If for some reason the crime or political activities of your closest people obstructing you from getting green card, prepared for clarification.

There is no deception that offers to get citizenship by giving big bucks. And  Nobody can guarantee citizenship by putting an application for you.

Read everything. If you can not read, then read someone trusted to read for you.

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