Do’s and Don’t when Mobile Phone Gets Wet

Do's and Don't when Mobile phone gets Wet

Do’s and don’t when a Mobile phone gets Wet


  • After damping, the phone can be short-circuited.
  • You can also buy “Wet Cell Phone Emergency Kit” kit. It is good to buy one at a time so that precious time to go to many stores is saved.
  • Always be careful not to take the phone to the toilet or to the side of the sea. Do not keep on the dining table because there is fear of getting wet.
  • The other way is to keep the phone at body temperature for a few hours.
Wet Cell Phone Emergency Kit
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  • Shake the board and chip with pieces of plastic (such as the back of the screwdriver) if your phone is accumulated with salt water. This kind of vibration will throw out the outer things lying there. Be careful not to hurt the board and chip. A very loud cry might spoil the chip. It is good to slap several times at different places, especially the side of the chip.
  • Too much heat can make your phone worse. Most phones are warned not to leave them in the car or do not keep in high heat. The main issue is that the phone should be completely dry, before giving power to it. Be patient, take out all the moisture from the vacuum cleaner, in general, it will take 20 minutes of time and patience, in each minute, make sure that each hole and grooves have been cleaned.
  • Remove all the parts of the cell phone and put them in dry rice.

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  • If the phone falls in the sea or in such salted water then remove the battery and wash it with fresh water, before the salt water in the phone is not frozen.
  • A reader has told about using the clothes dryer in this way: Take out the battery, and keep the battery cover out. Put the phone in thick socks, wrap all the cloth around the socks all around, now put them in the other socks for rescue, use the third socks too. Now put a lot of dry towels inside the dryer (washing machine) and keep the phone in it for 30 minutes.


  • The speed of the dryer and the cloth expands moisture from the phone. Now leave the phone for one hour frozen, now turn on the phone by putting the battery. If there is moisture on the screen, repeat the drying process for 20-30 minutes. The reader adopted this method twice on the flip phone which washed, and he started working properly.


Do not use an oven or microwave to dry the phone.

Be careful that nowadays manufacturers make a sticker inside the cell phone that changes color and tells that the water is gone inside the phone. It tells the workers that you have dropped the phone in water, and most cellphone insurance does not include water damage. By changing the color of this sticker, the stickers inside the phone can also change colors, which you can not even see. It is important for you to know that even in extreme weather, the stickers sometimes color the clouds.

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If you use alcohol, do not give any heat, not even on the monitor. Until the scent of alcohol not finished, do not put the battery.

Do not give too much heat to the phone as mentioned above. If you do not want to melt or burn the phone.

Do not heat the battery, otherwise, it leak or burst. Lithium-ion batteries are quite sensitive. If you are using a hairdryer, remove the battery first. Note that the phone should not be given heat too.

Even though the entire process has been done, the particles of water can also produce jungle or short circuits by storing on the solder and similar pin. Nowadays, modern phone pins are very close to each other and small modes of moisture can also close the phone by shortening.

For those interested in machines: Open the screw, remove the lid and give moisture out. Cell phones are waterproof to some degree so that we can use them in light rain or in a humid environment. This means that once the moisture goes in the phone it is very difficult to dry it.

Things you’ll need

  • Tidy cat crystal
  • Absorbents inserted in absorbers such as rice, or shoes, bags etc.
  • Clothes or paper towels
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  • Vacuum cleaner
  • A bowl
  • Wind turbine
  • cotton cloth

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