How to Find lost Mobile Phones

How to find lost Mobile Phones

In this article: Find any type of cell phone. Find smartphones to avoid the loss of Lane future in Action. There is hardly any such thing in today’s era, the loss of which makes a person so much sadder than it is after losing his phone.

How to Find lost Mobile Phones
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We use our phone for more than just phone calls, and for this reason. It is only a matter of concern for us that someone who has access to our phone data from an unknown person. Learning to find a lost phone will help you to keep your information safe, as well as relax your mind. we can download the mobile app Anti-theft Best Security Apps to Protect Your Smartphone from Theft.

 1. Finding any cell phone

A. Call your phone: 

Calling from your phone number to another phone is the easiest way to find your phone. If you want, you can do this to find any cell phone, even if it is a smartphone. For this, just ask any person from your identity to call your number or you can use free website service like or to dial your number from your computer.

Finding any cell phone
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B. Ask someone to send a text to your phone:

Saying someone on your phone can also be a way to call your cell phone as well. If your phone is truly lost (this is probably lost in a public area, not around your apartment), you can then do your contact information text on your phone, so that whomever you get it, your identification ) And know how to reach you.

send a text to your phone
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If you are unable to find anyone to call your phone, then you can also use free site service like for it.

If you want, you can also send a reward offer (talk of giving some reward to the person who gave it to you). This can be useful to convince the person who receives your phone to contact you and arrange a meeting with you.

C. Take your steps back to the same place:

Moving your steps back in the same direction, you can help in finding anything lost in addition to cell phones. However, if you remember that you had a phone in a particular place, but after that, you feel the loss of your phone, then go back to that place again, to find your phone (if it If someone has not raised, they can help).

Whatever you do, do not just bother. Being disturbed, only that environment will be worse and maybe it can also cause problems in thinking or meditating in a clear way.

Sit down for some time and then think comfortably, where did you go and what did you do? Think carefully once, when you last time, you saw your phone in or used the phone and after that, you proceed.

If you went to a restore or store before losing your phone, ask the people who work there, meet your phone or ask someone to return a lost phone. If the phone has been left near any of the Employees, then you can also just give your phone a description, or tell your phone number to the Employee so that he can call it and then confirm your phone.

D. Contact your service provider:

Contact your service provider
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Some cell phone service providers have a GPS location service for their customers. Even if your provider does not provide this kind of option, they can at least cut the service of your phone.

Find your provider’s customer service online or search for your provider’s local office in your phone book.

2. Finding Smart Phones

A. Find an Android phone:

If you’ve lost your Android phone, there are two ways to track it. Suppose if the phone is still on and in the wireless signal range, you can track it by using Device Manager on your computer. If your phone is off, or out of the service range, you can check the last location of your phone from your computer.

Finding Smart Phones
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To use Device Manager, sign in to your Google Account from your computer or any other device. Google’s Device Manager should instantly show your device’s location on the Google Maps screen. There are also some additional options for locking your phone in Device Manager, ringing your phone, or clearing its content from a distance and clearing data.

Check your phone’s last recorded location by visiting Then click “Places You Go,” and then “Manage History”. However, this option depends on the Wi-Fi and your mobile network instead of GPS, so it will not be as accurate as getting your phone through Device Manager.

B.Looking for a BlackBerry phone:

Looking for a BlackBerry phone
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Blackberry devices usually do not include their own tracking apps or services. However, if you want, you can use a third-party service like Berry Locator for it. This service costs around Rs.500 and will send a message to your lost device, as well as show your device’s location on the map.

C. Finding the iPhone:

  1. Using the Find My iPhone app is the first way to find your iPhone. If this app is not downloaded to your phone, then you have to download it from the App Store. This Find My iPhone gives a very accurate result, but it is very important for your phone to remain active and connected to the Internet to do its work.

Using a computer or any other mobile device, log in to your iCloud, open Find My iPhone. The location of your iPhone should be seen on the map, which you can use to detect the movement of your iPhone.

Find My iPhone to send your contact information to your iPhone via sound message to alert you to your iPhone (to alert you or to steal/stolen its status as you and other people present near your iPhone’s location). Or delete the content and clear the data from your device.

D. Finding Windows Phone:

 Finding Windows Phone
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Windows Phone users can use built-in lost features that come in Windows 8.1 and above models. To view a list of all Microsoft phones and tablets, just visit Microsoft’s device page on your computer or from another wireless device. You can then use the location service to track your chosen device.

Once you log into Microsoft Lost (lost) phone service, then you can lock your cell phone remotely, clear all its contents, and even delete your device’s data.

3. Taking Action

A. Be smart and stay safe:

If you feel that your device is stolen, then do not try to get it from yourself. Instead, report it to the police and let them help you in your problem. By trying to find your phone by yourself, you can get in big trouble and maybe you can put your life in the price of it.

B. Cancel your passwords and login:

Taking Action
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Depending on how much online interaction your phone is used, your speed and requirement of doing this will depend on it. For some people, this would be very less, so for some, this could be a huge task too. In addition, you will have to cancel any credit/debit cards registered on any online store (such as App Store) from that device.

If you are worried that your phone is in someone’s hands, then you will do it as soon as possible, for you it will be as good as that, identity theft (identity theft) is very difficult and very much spread. The problem is there.

It’s better to have some time removed and reset your passwords and logins before starting a physical search for your phone. This will reduce the damage caused by someone accessing your information, and if you get your phone, then using a new password, you will not have too much hard work.

Get started with your most important passwords. It usually includes email, bank accounts, Facebook and online storage. First of all focus on financial and personal information. After changing your most important passwords, then you can reset some of the less essential services passwords.

C. Contact the telephone company:

Contact the telephone company
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Keep your account details close to your account so that your account can be closed. If you have set a password or password for your account, you will also need it. With the cancellation of your phone from your service provider, this will prevent anyone (even if he is a thief, or the person who has received your phone), even doing unauthorized calls with your SIM card.

If you have a phone that is not prepaid, but you have to pay it according to the usage and if you do not get it within 2 hours, then call your phone company in this and call them your phone Asking to deactivate, would be a good idea.

D. Report this:

Visit the police station. If you are planning to file a claim through your pre-paid insurance option, then Smartphone insurance providers often need a police report first. Some phone companies also need a police report to deactivate your account.

Lost phones are often found and because people never feel like they are not going to work hard to return their phone, so they are left without any claims.

4. Avoiding losses in future

A. Know your phone’s serial number: 

Every cell phone has an electronic serial number. According to the type and model of the cell phone you use, this unique number of your phone is called IMEI / International Mobile Equipment Identity, MEID / Mobile Equipment Identifier, or ESN / Electronic Serial Number. ) Can be spoken.

Know your phone's serial number
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It is often present in a sticker, under the battery, although it may change its location according to your phone. When you buy your phone, then find its serial / identification number. Write down this number and keep it in a safe place on your own home.

If you ever lose your phone, you can report to its wireless/identification number by visiting the police station and your wireless provider.

B. Register your phone online:

Register your phone online
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Some online services like allow you to register your phone with the website. These futures can help you when your phone is ever lost or stolen.

To register your phone, you will need a serial number from your device.

C. Keep a place for everything:

If you often lose your things, then you will need to work on your habit, even if you are not losing any item. Make a habit of keeping things in a particular place, so that you also know where you get that item.

If you often lose your phone at your home, then whenever you cannot keep it in your hand or with you, then use it to keep it on a nightstand or on a coffee table.

When your phone is in you, keep it in a particular pocket and whenever you are going out of the room, then check for sure that all things are at their place once. For example, you can check your pocket tapping on special order, keeping all keys (keys), wallet and cell phone in check.

D. Be prepared to avoid this loser:

 Be prepared to avoid this loser
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There are some precautions that you have to use to keep away from so much hard work due to accidentally losing your phone or leaving it in the future. can do. If you want, you can register your phone on GPS (GPS) tracking service either through your wireless service provider or through an independent service like AccuTracking or You can also keep your phone’s serial / identification number in your wallet or in your home.


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