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Digi locker

The Digi Locker facility is available to provide security to secure certificates online. Students who go too far away do not need to take along the certificates, and then there is the ability to print and print wherever they are. If the Aadhaar number is opened, the digital locker will be opened and every person able to preserve 10 MB data. Digital Locker scheme is a part of the Digital India scheme.

A document usually consists of 200 KB. You can safely hide up to 50 documents in this calculation. However, the argument that people can not use digital technology quickly cannot be used. At this point, this opinion is wrong if the use of social media is growing.


It is not exaggerated that everyone who is literate will come forward to open accounts if they find the Digi locker facility. Digi locker is likely to get a good response because the state government is making all the villages available to the internet. This digital service is totally free. Education and Residence Certificates can cover all the key documents like Driving License, Passport, Personal Documents, Ration Card, Voter Identity Card, Income Tax Account, PAN card number etc. in Digi Locker.

These documents are safe in the Cloud method. The government will examine and approve their respective digital documents. So you can print and print anywhere. We will not be able to carry out any of the documents we are going for.


Access Digi locker

The user needs Aadhaar Card to register in a digital locker. Aadhaar should have their own cell phone number and e-mail ID during registration.

They know that they need to go to the https://digilocker.gov.in website and click on the signup.

The cell number will prompt you when you click on the signup. When that cell number is entered, the number comes with the OOP code. Mail also comes with a message.

There will be a rubber box under that number. You should make a message to the box that came with that box.
Then the username is asking fa or password. Aadhaar number prompts them immediately.

Aadhaar number entered into the relevant net after registration. There you can hide all the important documents that are relevant to you.

digilocker with aadhaar
Digi locker registration with aadhaar

OOP code comes with every document you upload. These documents safely sent to others.

There is a limit to the document size. Each document should not be more than 10 MB. It does not. Each account will have space up to 1 GB.

This digital locker has a password, so all your documents are safe. You can send it directly to the right place of the network. The Digital Locker takes up personal details in the Aadhaar details so that there are no scams.

The documents are available and the e-sign is possible. Clicking on this sign indicates that we have signed the certificate. It easily sent by the applicants on the net. Since Aadhaar is linked, certifications that you receive in your service will automatically get into our account in DeGaillocker.

There is also a way to share your details directly with the company email or your shares.

About Digital India Scheme

Register Benefits & How Digi Locker works?

Duplicate certificates avoided
Wherever you go, you need to take the documents with them.
No fear of losing or being afraid of the scene.

No issues where fire and house fires occur.

There is a possibility to send anywhere anytime without the need for photovoltaic copies.
Digital Locker used by mobile.
Certificate from others is protected because of the password used.

How digi locker works
How digi locker works

Secure documents

The Digital Locker takes up the documents in Aadhaar as personal details.

Education certificates, insurance policies, bonds, all valuable cards issued by government, electricity, and water. Telephone, property tax receipts etc.



Official Website: https://digilocker.gov.in/