What is Insurance & Types of Insurance?


In an illiterate perspective, insurance means that a person who accidentally dies without the risk of financial loss, as well as a permanent handicap, loss of the business, and danger from the preemptive. Insurance companies collect premiums to provide financial protection from harm caused by such unexpected events. These insurance policies are collected from the people who have purchased the money and they will pay the money to the requests. These money instruments and insurance companies act as trustees.

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Changing the beneficiary into the insurance policy is a very small matter. All you need to do is to contact the insurance company and process the beneficiary according to their orders.

Generally speaking, a person is a wife or a husband, or a child, parents, or other relatives as insurance beneficiaries. Nevertheless, your insurance policy may be the beneficiary of non-kinship, estate (lodging), trust, business partners, lender or home partner. You can also use your insurance policy to donate.

Insurance importance

Most of the unmarried people often feel that they do not need an insurance policy. But there are a number of reasons why you need insurance. Even if you earn a good income, some things in life are unexpected. Insurance plans will prepare you to face such unexpected developments.

A separate policy, an investment

If you want to ensure your children, you should buy a specific policy for your child’s life. This step adds value to your investment. When you buy an insurance policy, it depends on your personal circumstances. There are no harsh and fast rules for this. Someone rightly said that doing something is not always too late.

It depends on the nature of the security you need and what you want for protection. To buy an insurance policy, you will have to pay the insurance company premium. Premium payment is based on many factors. For example, the Policy Category, Policy Time Contract (Agreement), Money Assured, and Your Age.

According to the Income Tax Act, insurance is a savings plan

Many insurance plans are available on savings on this day. These policies enable you to protect your financial goals from future hazards. You can get an exemption from taxes by purchasing insurance policies. Section 80C, Section 80CCC and Tax Bureau are available through the Tax Department.

What is an Enforcement Policy (Property Infection)?

A policy that combines the protection of the policy, savings and risk. These plans are specifically designed to accumulate money and at the same time protect from any danger in the future. It depends on the policy character. Typically insurance policies are typically in the mode of payment of annual, half yearly and quarterly premium payments. Premium payment must always be regular. Insurance companies also offer some flexible time when premium payment over time passes. If you do not pay the grace period within this grace period, your policy will be canceled.

Insurance and payment

Depending on your insurance policy, you have to pay a due duration. If it is a life insurance policy, it will pay you the amount of money paid or hidden amount, whichever is higher. If they are auto insurance, the insurance policy will not give any benefits beyond the specified time frame. Bonus, if you have a policy, the rule is given in the policy. You need to understand that you have to save the insurance policy from some danger. Whether you have an insurance certificate or you do not get it, you can get back the duplicate certificate, the company concerned or not.

There are a lot of people in the Indian insurance sector now. As the competition continues to grow, these companies do their utmost to show their existence – there is a way you can buy online and online.

Types of insurance

Life insurance : Life Insurance Corporation of India is a famous Insurance company in India.
Auto Mobile – Vehicle Insurance
Health insurance
Home insurance
Travel insurance
Life insurance
Life insurance means protection against the death of an insured person. The insurer promises to pay a presumed monetary after the deadline or after the death of the insured person. When someone is going to take care of this policy, the insurance must pay the premium.

Financial security

When you do not get into your family, in your illness, in death or in physical disadvantage, you can insure financial security. In addition, life insurance is the source of the money you need in your old age. Investment of children’s studies and tax exemptions. It is good if you buy life insurance at an early age. Premiums increase if you are older.

Choose the right insurance policy

Talk about your needs, analyze and select the appropriate insurance policy. Your priorities should be based on your goals. For instance, if you have a financial advise on death, your money in the long run, your savings or your retirement, you can consult a financial advisor and choose a good life insurance plan under his guidance. There are no hard rules for this. Generally, a life insurance plan should make sure you have 15 to 20 times your annual income.

Appointment of the beneficiary

If the death occurs to you, the process of transferring the right of the nominee to the beneficiaries of the life insurance policy is called a nomination. When taking a life insurance policy, you have to specify the details of the specified person. A policyholder will be able to change that nominee during his lifetime. In other words, getting an insurance policy means that all the rights and obligations of the insurance policy are transferred to the anonymous

IRDA-Insurance Regulatory Development Authority to protect the right of the policyholder

IRDA (Insurance Regulator Development Authority) – Insurance Regulatory Development Authority is a legitimate company. It promotes the protection of the rights of the policyholders and promotes the development of the insurance industry. According to the IRDA, when a claim (request) comes, all the necessary documents regarding this subject have to be resolved within 30 days of its receipt. Furthermore, if necessary to resolve the request for more information and proofs, the process must be completed within six months of notification by the company written claim. Any Claim Settlement or Payment Time, the company will have to pay interest on claims on claims for more than six months.


Vehicle insurance

All motor vehicles must be insured. Vehicle insurance, loss of damage to the vehicle, damages to damage or damage to its parts, provide financial protection. Natural disasters like fire and floods (artificial) human errors such as trauma and mischief can cause damage to vehicles. Viability insurance protects you from unwanted legal issues that may be caused by third parties, for example, losses.

Two Wheeler Insurance
Vehicle Insurance

Claimed bonus

“No claim bonus” means a gift given to the tenants, for a particular year, when they do not claim any. The Balanidan Naidu (NCB) is entitled to “no claim bonus”, renewal of the renovation (renewing) of the money. The NCB rate is the same if you can show the NCB right document that you will pay for old vehicle insurance.

If all losses and damages are for the vehicle or parts thereof – either by you or by the third person, you must report to the Police Station, which comes into the area of that area. When an insurance company provides you with unnecessary payments, you do not have to pay any repayments to the vehicle. But as insurance companies, dealing with only some dealers, you can get this facility right from there.

If your vehicle is stolen, the first thing you need to do is to complain to the appropriate police station, which comes into that area. Enter the FIR Input Report (FIR). The insurance company must inform the subject and file an insurance claim.

Health insurance

Health insurance, and financial protection to your medical treatment. Insurance is limited to the amount you paid for health insurance. Health treatment is very expensive. Health insurance policies and tax exemptions can be used to provide health care insurance coverage (costs incurred) if the cost of treatment is in the insurance period. Under Section 80 D of Income Tax Act, the maximum deduction is up to Rs 10,00000. The retirees or the elderly can get a maximum reduction of up to 15,000 rupees from their income tax revenue. Health insurance companies provide insurance coverage for people up to age 50.

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Insufficient hospital access

Today health insurance companies are bringing their products to new products. One of them is the cashless hospitalization – the cost of a hospital that does not have to pay. With this facility, people do not have to pay their hospital expenses. The insurance company directly pays those bills. However, this facility is in hospitals where insurance companies have contracted.

Difference between Group Health Insurance Plan and Regular Plan
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Rebate (reduction)

Health Insurance Policies applicable to all your family members are available in the market. For the whole family, you can get health care. Some banks offer a 5% discount on the next year’s premium. This means that, during the first 30 days of the insurance period, no cost incurred by hospital accidents, protection does not apply when it comes under protection, but protected from the policy for any injuries. Diseases prior to the policy are not covered by this policy.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance provides protection against financial losses when you travel abroad. You can go abroad for a variety of tasks. For example, to spend the holidays, safe journey travel insurance 

Tavel Insurance

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