Know the different ways of purifying water and drink clean water

Know the different Methods of purifying water and drink clean water


Going to an outdoor adventure means you may have to face water supply depletion. There may be possibilities that you are compelled to stay for longer time outdoors than you actually wished for. Water in some places may also not be safe to drink and it means you should purify it prior to considering drinking it.


Nowadays, ways to purify water has become easier. There are simple and easy ways of purifying water and you can make it appropriately suitable to meet your drinking purposes. Purifying water is possible if you treat it with an iodine or chlorine, a chemical. You may also consider ultraviolet light or filtration. Another very simple way of purifying water is boiling the water, but it should be done perfectly. Choose one method that helps you to be comfortable with.

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There may be possibilities when you go out that you consumed the water supply and are much away from the target destination. It means you may be dehydrated and this may result in interrupting in reaching your place of destination.  Now, this dehydration may be prevented. Yet sometimes you may neglect or ignore the fact of getting dehydrated. But, when the reality of dehydration dawns, you are sure to experience dry lips, dizziness, headaches, and you may also become nauseous.  To be honest, this may also lead to heat exhaustion or stroke. It is not worth ignoring as it is life threatening.


There is a need to be observant so that you locate watering holes if you run short of water supply. There may be areas where water is not regarded to be safe to drink for humans. It means you must know how to purify water so that it is appropriate for drinking.


Here are a few water purification methods


1. Boiling

The most reliable way of purifying water is boiling. Boiling using fuel is time consuming and on summer days it is difficult to drink boiling water. Besides you also have to filter water so that the solid particles are removed. This is mandatory if the water source is doubtful.

Boiling water to purify water

2. Use of Iodine solution, crystals or tablets

This is a convenient and effective method, available in various forms and will suit your budget. It will kill bacteria and viruses. It is easy to use and lightweight. Yet, there is a need to wait for thirty minutes prior to drinking treated water. Besides it will have a different taste. You should drop the tablet into the water and shake the container, ensure to hold it upside down and also keep the lid a bit unscrewed so that iodine flows into the bottle cap threads.

iodine-potable_tablets for water purification

3. Chlorine drops

The drops of chlorine can kill bacteria.  It is affordable, lightweight, and also easy to access. There is a need here also to wait for around 30 minutes to consider the water treated. Also ascertain you are not putting many drops as it may be poisonous on using too much.

chlorination water-purification-methods


4. Water filter

Knowing how to filter water is important. This is because the water filters eliminate the bacteria present in the water. Treated water is good to consume as the water will contain no bad taste. But these are heavier in comparison to chlorine or iodine. You must also clean the filters at some point after the activity. There is a need to replace after treating water in several gallons.

water filter for water purification

5. Ultraviolet Light

This is identical to a small flashlight. All you have to do is for a few minutes swish it in the water and the bacterial will be killed. It is simple to carry and easy to use. There will be batteries needed to operate and it may also run out. Besides, the fact is that solid particles present in the water do not get filtered.

Ultraviolet Light water treatment process

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