How to register & check your name on electoral list for 2019 Elections?

Lok Sabha Elections 2019:

How to register & check your name on voter list?

As long as you have a voter ID, your name does not necessarily exist in the voter list. The Election Commission of India is often updating this list. So it’s also possible to get rid of your name from the list. CEO India is responsible or the operations & planning of elections in all over the country.

In the first week of January every year, the Election Commission puts a list of voters in the national voters service portal where every citizen o India can apply a fresh voter ID, application for voter ID correction, change of address in voter id, apply for voter id on lose, check the voter name in voter list online, print the voter name from online, know the booth center/ polling center and many more.


Steps to check the name on electoral list:

  1. Please check if you have your name in the electoral list visit https://electoralsearch.in/check name in electoral List on NVSP

2. Open this website and enter the name, father / husband’s name, age / birth date, feminine / masculine / others gender details in the respective columns. click on search button


3. Then you will know if your name is on the voter list.


Application to include name in voter list

  1. If a person has completed 18 years till January 1, 2019, he can apply for his name in the voter list,

2. Use Form No-6 to include name in voter list,

3. Submit 2 colored or black-white photos with Form-6

4. Submit photocopy of birth certificate (i.e. birth certificate issued by municipal corporation / matriculation certificate or birth certificate issued by school / college)

5. Proof of your address (i.e. the bank / post office present passbook or ration card or passport or driving license / income tax assessment order or recent water / telephone / electricity / gas connection bill which is either in the name of the applicant or his parents Photo copies of the name) or postal department attach the photo copy of the proof of the receipt or delivery of the post at the address given by the applicant.

Voter id form 6

Application for removal of name from voter list

  1. If the transfer of voter goes to the second voting area or the assembly area or the voter dies or the wrong name has been registered then in these situations, application can be made to get the name removed from the voters list.

2. Form number-7 should be used for this.


Application for correction in name


If information given in voter list or voter photo identity card is incorrect (i.e. name of voter, father’s name, age or address), then it can be applied for improvement,

Form-8 should be used for this purpose.

Submit photocopy of birth certificate as proof of identity with Form No-08.


Application for transfer of information recorded in voter’s list

If your residence is transferred to another polling area or assembly area, then it is necessary to include yourself in the electoral roll of that area,

Use the form number 8A for this,

Photo copy of your residential address proof (i.e. the bank / post office present passbook, ration card, passport, driving license, income tax assessment order or recent water / telephone / electricity / gas connection bill which is either in the name of the applicant or his Attach photocopy of the proof of the receipt or delivery of the post at the address given by the postal department in the name of the applicant by the postal department) or postal department.

voter id card

What if the voter has a name in the list but no voter card?

If the voter is not recognized, the electoral association says that voter can vote by showing any of the following documents.

  1. Aadhaar card
    2. Passport
    3. PAN card
    4. Driving License
    5. Bank Passbook
    6. Photo Identity cards issued by central, state governments, public sector organizations and post office
    7. Pension papers with photo
    8. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGA) Job Card
    9. Smart Card issued by Registrar General of India under National Population Register
    10. Health Insurance Smart Card issued by the Labor Department
    11. An authorized photo voter slip issued by the Election Commission
    12. The name of the voter list is the name of the people who have the identity documents to go to their polling booth and use the right to vote.

But the ration card and the electricity bill are not recognized as voting documents to vote.

electronic voting machine

Download Application Forms

1. Form No.6

2. Form No-7

3. Form no. 8

4. Form no. 8A


Track voter id application status:

  1. Visit https://nvsp.in/Forms/Forms/trackstatus

2. Enter Reference ID & click enter to get the status of application.

check voter id status online nvsp

Where to submit voter application form?

If you are in the urban area submit your application here:

Office of the Deputy Commissioner (Municipal / Municipal Office)

Post office

Mailbox on petrol pump

If you live outside the urban area, then you can submit the application in the following offices in your district:

Deputy District Magistrate’s Office

Office of Revenue Divisional Officer (Voter Registration Officer)

Tehsildar’s Office (Assistant Voter Registration Officer)

voting booth