How to get rid of bed bugs?

Kill bed bugs at the earliest possible following this guideline

The bed bugs resurgence in homes has resulted in sleepless nights. However, you must identify to get rid of bed bugs, the nasty insects. Basically, it is essential you know this:

  • Bed bugs do not care if you have a neat home.
  • Traveling and staying in hotels alone is not the way to pick bed bugs.
  • Contact a professional immediately.

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Bed Bug Inspection

Tip: The common bed bugs are visible to the naked eye. As bed bugs are tough to see, use a magnifying glass.

 Inspection Tips:

  • Look at any isolated place offering darkness.
  • Inspect all the adjoining rooms for infestation. Find fecal material in the hiding places.
  • Inspect Box Spring and the Mattress, footboards, bed head and frame, carpet and walls, electronics and appliances, and other furniture.


Use CB-80 or PT 565, an Insecticide Aerosol to flush the bed bugs from its hiding places. These aerosols are the best way to kill bed bugs instantly, but the key idea is to pull them out for inspection.

Bed Bug Insecticides
Bed Bug Insecticides

Check thoroughly the mattress, pay attention to tufts and seams along the edges. Flip mattresses, inspect the bottom, check the fabric rips and shine a flashlight to check they have not entered the box spring interior. Check all the cracks in the bed frame, if any. Check other furnitures such as chairs, desks, dressers, crevices, and seams.


Inspect the walls by removing wall hangings and electrical switch plates. Check behind baseboards, under tack strips and show light into plaster cracks and seams on the wallpaper. Electronics and appliances must be checked using magnifying glass and flashlight.


Bed Bug Inspection

Bed bugs hide in crevices and cracks in the daytime and feed at night on the host’s blood while sleeping. Thes bed bugs can flatten their bodies and fit in any area. Their usual hiding places are near a blood meal.


bed bugs looks like
how to identify bed bugs

Bed Bug Pre-treatment

  • Keep away from the clutter
  • Dismantle bed frames
  • Clean the area
  • Remove dresser drawers
  • Launder infested linens and garments
  • Caulk and seal


You may use insecticides labeled such as Cimexa Dust, Steri-Fab, Bedlam Aerosol, Phantom Aerosol, or Temprid SC for beds. The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to check at the mattress seams and folds, the footboard, the headboard, frame, box spring, and treat after vacuuming.


The residual insecticides mentioned here can be sprayed to mattresses such as Cimexa Dust, Steri-Fab Bed Bug Spray, CrossFire Insecticide, Temprid FX Insecticide, CrossFire Aerosols, and Bedlam Aerosols.

steri-fab for bed bugs


If you wish to know how to get rid of bed bugs fast, the fact is that dust last longer and you may also consider a combination of dust and sprays. Temprid SC can be used for the mattresses seams and tufts, it also is a good residual insecticide sprayed on areas such as chairs, dressers, chests, nightstands, and couches.


There are many products available in the market for bed bugs and for application consider a combination of products so that it is highly effective. You also can buy bed bug kits they come with aerosols and dust.


What kills bed bugs instantly?

This is a common question as on seeing bed bugs, everyone wishes to get rid of it instantly as it spreads fast. First, stop them from reproducing, let them starve.


To begin strip bed sheets, bedding, and pillowcases, seal in garbage bags so that bed bugs do not infect other areas and also do not escape. Take the bags to the washing machine and use a hot water setting. On high heat, dry bedding; this will kill bed bugs and its eggs.


With the running laundry cycle, use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate everything shells, bugs, droppings or eggs. Follow vacuuming in the high-pressure steamer. Let them dry and you set to spray the furniture and bed with a residual and contact spray. Follow the product labels for effective and safe usage.


Once the box spring and mattresses dry, consider encasing them in bed bug sealed encasements, leave for 18 months at least to starve and die. Move your bed from other contact points. Place climb up Interceptors to avert bed bugs reaching your bed.


Steam and clean your room to get carpet edges, window sills, and other boards free. Remove the nozzle while applying steam, powder and spray all the crevices and cracks. In confined areas, apply bed bug powder also recommended is using professional powder applicator.


Note: Do not spray on the areas you will walk, touch or sit