how to drive a motorcycle following the tips to get started

Acquiring lessons to basic motorcycle operation is absolutely the same as you learn to drive. Of course, it is a bit intimidating. If you approach a motorcycle learning class it may be less intimidating.  It is up to you to settle on the motorcycle type you wish to ride, get a good-fit helmet, enough safety gear, and take care of insurance and licensing, so that you may consider learning to ride a motorcycle

Tips to get started

Make sure prior to hitting the road that your motorcycle undergoes a thorough inspection. Allow enough time for checking and assure it is in good working condition. This check should be done each time you consider hitting the road so that a safe ride is ensured. Follow this check:

Wear Helmet
Wear Helmet

T: Tires and wheels
C: Check the levers, controls, cables, hoses, pedal, and throttle
L: Lights encompass the headlights, battery, mirrors, turn signals, etc.
O: Oil fluid levels checking
C: Chassis that entails checking the suspension, frame, chain, etc.
S: Stands check both kick and center stand

Safety Gear

Ensure to wear safety gear and this includes armored clothing, gloves, and boots. If you are not living in any of the states demanding as compulsion to wear helmet also, it is good for your safety while riding a motorcycle.

safety gear for bike riders
safety gear for bike riders


Mounting a bike requires flexibility. This is because your body should bend a little while riding. Learning how to ride a motorcycle begins with learning to mount on it comfortably. If you are tall, for the first time, it may be awkward. But, with practice, it will get attuned.  To begin with, stand to the bike left side, bend your knees slightly and center your weight on your legs.  Hold the right handle; now hold the left handle using the left hand. Now lean slightly towards the bike front.
Shift your weight to your left leg, kick the right leg back and place it up on the bike. Lift your leg and while straddling the bike get acquainted with monitoring the controls.  Make sure to adjust the mirrors, footpeg position and make a mental note of the signals, lights, and horn location.

Throttle and Brakes

Comprehend two crucial functions, braking, and acceleration. Apply throttle moving your wrist down because engine revving leads to instability. Control front brakes, but do not press it too hard, as it may lock and the bike may skid.

clutch Throttle and Brakes
                                                                                                                clutch Throttle and Brakes


The clutch in sportbikes can be operated with two fingers, while the whole hand is required while cruising and touring. The clutch engages and disengages engine and transmission. Practice will make you perfect.



Motorcycles neutral is with left foot. Click back and forth, on the gauges a green ‘N’ light appears. Disengage the clutch, shift gears and re-engage the clutch. Clutch ensures smoothness in the process of shifting.

bike gear box
                                                                                                                  Gear box bike

Warming Engine

Warming engine ensures smooth and consistent power to ride. 

Bike Warming Engine
                                                                                                                     Bike Warming engine

Kickstand or Centerstand

Most modern bikes shut off the kickstand and the bike is put into gear.  Ascertain to retract the kickstand that is beneath the bike body. Center stand should be put by placing right food on the stand and to flush it on ground.

bike kickstand or center stand
bike kickstand or center stand

Riding and Steering

Going through all the steps means you can hit the road now. First pull the clutch lever, press to first gear, release slowly the clutch and twist gently the throttle. With momentum, place your fee up.

bike riding & steering
                                                                                                               bike riding & steering

All the best!

Tips How to ride a bike

  • Observe others how they drive
  • Get some information & training
  • Try to ride thinking you are the only person driving on the road & know how to drive
  • Look road as far as possible
  • Wear a helmet for security.
  • Always wear jacket, paint, gloves to protect yourself
  • Practice more to learn soon
  • Learn to maintain bike
  • Don’t scare
How to drive bike
How to drive bike