A guide about how to park uphill and hill parking

If you are referring to safe parking, here are a few points worth remembering.  Assuming you are in a country requiring right-hand driving, it is recommended to park on the right shoulder. It is the reverse for any left-hand driving country.

Park up hill
Park up hill
  • In case you consider parking along a curb, your wheels cut rely on if your car is facing down or uphill. In case your car faces downhill, you may consider cutting to the right of your wheels. If your car faces uphill, cut to the left your wheels. In case your car rolls, cut the wheels to catch on the curb and prevent it from rolling.
  • Always cut to the right your wheels if there is no curb, whether you face down or uphill. In case your car rolls to will roll facing downhill or uphill and off the road, not into the traffic.
  • Remember to set the parking brake and then move into Park gearshift for automatic and into first gear in manual and turn the engine off.


Uphill with Curb: Consider turning the front wheels away, so that wheels get jam into the curb in case brakes fail.

Parking uphill
Parking uphill

Downhill with Curb: Consider turning wheels towards the curb so that wheels run into and gets stopped by the curb in case brakes fail.

Parking with curb
Parking with curb

Parking Uphill without Curb:  Consider turning wheels towards roadside, so that car gets back into the yard, roadside, etc. in case the brakes fail.

Downhill without Curb: Consider turning wheels towards roadside, so that car rolls onto away to the roadside from the road in case of brakes failure.

Hill Parking

Modern vehicles are more reliable components in comparison to the previous years, yet they also fail at times.

  • In case the parking brake fails while parked or parking on a hill, it may be lethal for pedestrians or road users.  So, adjust the front wheels during a hill parking.
  • When parking facing downhill on the left, with or without a curb, turn towards the curb, the front wheels. This prevents the vehicle from rolling into traffic. In case no curb is present, your car will roll on the verge.
  • If your vehicle is parked facing uphill on the left, turn towards the road to the right the wheels. In case brakes fail, and car rolls backward, stop your vehicle from rolling.
Hill parking ways
Hill parking ways

Uphill parking or downhill, safety measures must be followed when parking. In an automatic vehicle, leave in the park the transmission lever. While driving a vehicle with a manual transmission, leave first the gear lever, so that the engine stays engaged and prevent it from rolling.

Parking uphill downhill with curb

The toughest part of a manual vehicle is that it needs a lot of finesse while learning how to park on a hill. Just follow this:

First method

On stopping on an incline, stay in the first gear and keep on foot on the brake and depress the clutch pedal. In case your e-brake is a trigger or button, do not use it. Engage the e-brake, with a lever. While moving, go with the standard procedure of releasing the brake and clutch and get on the gas. In this way, the e-brake will prevent rolling backward and on moving, release the e-brake with hand.

Second method

Release clutch and brake, apply throttle fast and smooth. Of course, practicing how to park uphill recommended in getting a hold of this transition.

All the best!

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