Learn how to drive stick in a manual transmission vehicle

Learning manual driving is also referred to as learning driving stick. Whatever it is, new drivers with manual transmission need to understand how to drive a stick shift. The ability to drive a stick shift gives you the confidence to drive any vehicle type whether it is manual or automatic.  Comprehending how to drive a stick is the best in an empty street or a large parking lot so that you get to practice without hindrance. Learning driving a stick shift is identical to riding a bicycle. This appears to be an impossible task, but on acquiring the skills, you will not struggle.

How to drive a stick
How to drive a stick

Here is the direction providing guideline of how to drive stick shift:

1. Before driving a stick shift, there is a need to know how this car type is different from the automatic transmission cars. Sitting in the seat of a driver, look there are three pedals, they are the clutch, accelerator, and brake pedals in manual transmission. The clutch pedal is the first on the left. This appears only in manual transmission cars. Brake is the middle and the right is the accelerator. Use your left foot for clutch and right for accelerator and brake.

2. Look at gear shifter; it will be in the middle of the driver and passenger seat. First gear is at the left top corner and left to right remaining gears rotate. The gear locations are marked. The center is the neutral gear shift position, allowing moving back and forth the gear shifter.

3.  Press clutch first to the floor board, to start stick shift. Ascertain it is in neutral and start the ignition using the key. Remove foot from the clutch for the vehicle to start moving.

4. Press clutch using left foot and place right foot on the center pedal, the brake. Now, position gear shifter to the first gear, such that the positioning it to the left furthest.

5. Remove from the brake your right foot and so that your vehicle moves a little.

6.  Place on the clutch less pressure using left foot. You will feel the vehicle rolling forward slowly. Gently release the clutch, press accelerator using right foot to get a motion.  No excessive acceleration should be given. It is just the first gear that can speed only up to 15 miles an hour.

7. Release the clutch at some point after gaining momentum and press using right foot the accelerator. Pursue to get speed and shift to second gear. You can change the gear as per your vehicle, based on the motor sound or the RPM gauge.

8. Changing the gear is required as the car catches with a new bracket of speed.

9. Now take off the right foot from the accelerator and activate the clutch using left foot. Your vehicle will roll and now using gear, get to second gear. Once done, release the clutch and apply the accelerator. Build speed repeating this process.

A person driving a stick shift (manual transmission) automobile.

A person driving a stick shift (manual transmission) automobile.

Watch this stick shifting guide and know how to drive stick. However, practicing is a must. Make sure, while parking a stick shift leave in first position the gear and apply clutch until ignition gets turned off. You can be an expert with these tips and a little practice.

Happy driving!