Getting U.S. citizenship can be rightly understood with these steps

Steps on how to get US citizenship

Acquiring U.S. citizenship offers many opportunities as the United States resident. Having access to U.S passport includes the voting right in public elections and deportation protection. Conversely, there is a need to know how to get citizenship to become an American Citizen. This includes eligibility establishing to fingerprinting, filing, interview, passing English tests, U.S. civics, and oath ceremony.

Any individual wishing to become a US naturalized citizen must know how to become a US citizen and its essential steps. Here brief summarized steps demonstrating how to become US citizen.

US citizenship application
US citizenship application

Steps on how to get US citizenship

1 Step: Check eligibility

The foremost step is to determine your eligibility for US citizenship.

If you possess a green card valid for 5 years, and a US citizens spouse for 3 years at least, or are a U.S. citizens child, have served the U.S. military, then you are considered eligible for U.S. citizenship. Other requirements are English language knowledge, good character, residency, and U.S. civics, attachment to the Constitution and the nation.

2 Step: Form N-400

Download and complete N-400, the Naturalization application. This application asks your past and current residences information, your parents, past and current employment, time spent out of the U.S, education, children, marital history, and personal questions. All the information should be given and at the interview, they will pose questions, stay honest and clear. Keep an application copy with you.

Form N-400
Form N-400

3 Step: 2 color photographs

2x2in or 5x5cm – 2 identical floor photographs or with the white background required. Your photograph must be clear from head to chin, no head coverings. It should recent photograph taken before filing N-400.

4 Step: Photocopy Documents

Include your green card photocopy (back and front sides) and required documents. Send a copy only and take original documents to the naturalization interview. Get the translated version if any of the document is not in English and attach. Apply for green card replacement, if you lost it and bring the receipt photocopy.

5 Step: Application Package

Send the application, documents, and fees to the service center. The fee is $725 USD. It includes an application processing fee of $640 and biometrics services fee of $85.  The fee is nonrefundable, even if your application gets rejected. Send the fee through money order or check.

6 Step: Fingerprint

USCIS will contact you on receiving the application to take your fingerprints and will check if there is a criminal background. Carry this letter, green card and photo ID for fingerprinting.

7 Step: Attend Interview

The naturalization interview indicates the final step. The place and time will be notified and if essential it may be rescheduled. Arriving 30 minutes early at least is recommended. Carry your passport, green card, ID state-issued, and re-entry permit. You must answer the questions relating to your background and application, willingness to take allegiance oath to the U.S., and your character.

us citizenship interview
us citizenship interview.jpg

8 Step: Take Test

During the US naturalization interview, you test on the ability to write, read, and speak English will be taken, and also on the US civics knowledge.

us citizenship test
us citizenship test

9 Step: Wait for Decision

Wait for the results, they may grant or keep it pending for next time.

10 Step: Taking Oath

On being granted US Citizenship, take Oath of Allegiance. Only then you receive a US citizen naturalization certificate. You may return the green card.

us citizenship taking oath
us citizenship taking oath