Steps to writing a check and the method to follow perfectly

Checks are common even today with the digital world running in parallel. The paper checks are an inexpensive tool to move money effectively. However if you do not know filling out a check, it means you have never done it before.

Writing a check is simple.  It is a must to learn how to write a check, though digital payments are gaining more importance continually. Here is a guide revealing step by step the process of writing a check.  There is a need to know because many employers, businesses, and landlords rely on payments made by checks.

Details to be filled on cheque
Details to be filled on cheque

How to fill out a check

Here are a few steps to fill out a check properly:

  • Write in the top right corner the date.
  • In the Pay to- write the recipient’s name.
  • Write the value in numbers to be paid next to the currency symbol.
  • Spell in words the payment amount in full in one line.
  • Sign your signature and this appears in the right bottom.
  • Optional is to write in the left corner bottom note in the place it indicates as ‘memo’.
how to write a check
how to write a check


The foremost step is really simple. All the checks have a place in the right corner top to write the date. This should be filled by today’s date. There are times when people also give post-date check and this means they write a future date. This actually has no impact because once it is signed the check is considered as legal tender.  Write it as: Mar 1, 2019.


Writing the recipient or the person’s name who will be receiving the payment is the next important step. This can be a business organizations name, and individual name, a school name, a trust name or any entity having a bank account so that he deposits this check into his/her account. Ascertain to spell correctly the name. So that bank clears the check smoothly.


To the check right side is the place to mention the cash value to be received by the recipient. You may use the value in numbers. It also can be written in dollars and cents.

Value (in words)

There is a need to write the numbers first and to also write the full amount in words. You may take a look at the mentioned value and spell it carefully in words. You may write the value of dollar in words, while the cents may be numerically written.

Example: “Thirty-three thousand twenty dollars and 18 cents”


Actually, this is the last step. You have to put your signature on confirming everything is correct. All you have to do is sign as you do on any of your legal document. Ensure your sign is the same. There will be a line in the check to sign, sign on it. Nowadays, your name comes printed and you have to sign on the line above your name printed.


You can add extra information and this is optional. You can note what for you made this payment in the little space left on the left corner bottom.


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