A guide to calculating postage package

A guide towards postage stamps to use and the postage package calculation

Using stamps to a package or letter may be tricky, but not irritating. Generally, the number of the stamp you need is based on the weight, size, and item you are mailing. On having the information ready, you may plug the online postage calculator like it is offered by the Postal service and know the postage cost. In case you do not know the weight of your item, take to the local post office and get it weighed and they will help you with the calculation amount using the stamp calculator.


Follow these steps to know how many stamps to use:

1. Remember to use for all standard mail items a Forever stamp. It will send off any envelope in 29×13 cm, weighing just 28g or less. In case of any larger than this specification, extra postage must be paid and this may add the postage cost.

2. How many stamps per ounce? Forever stamps are mostly for greeting cards, mailing letters, and paper items weighing less than 28 g or 1 ounce.  Per ounce stamp cost is $.050. However, to send standard commercial envelope outside the U.S, there is a need for a $1.15 Global Forever stamp. To know how many stamps for a letter, it is entirely based on the weight and size of each letter.

3. Measure the packages or envelopes larger than the regular size. Find width and length using a measuring tape or rule. Consider the thickness for heavy envelopes and packages along with width and length. The size of the item determines the postage cost. Take exact measurements, round them as per the postage calculator. Generally, stamps are not used for large packages, as it is shipped through the post office.


4. To know how much postage do i need, weigh the envelope in case you have included photos, gifts, etc. It is essential to use a sensitive scale to register the weight in grams or ounces. Kitchen scales are suitable for small parcels and envelopes. For heavy packages a digital bathroom scale is required. If not, take to the post office, get it weighed and shipped.

5.  Specify the mailing item class, Ground, priority, or First Class. The class determines the item weight and the speed to reach the destination. The Ground mail arrives in 2-8 working days, for non-urgent things, Priority is done in 1-3 days, an affordable mailing option offering a flat rate up to 32 kg or 70 pounds. First Class also is done in 1-3 days; however the weight limit is 370 g or 1 ounces weight.

6. The postage price may be divided by a Forever stamp price. This will resolve the issue as how many stamps do i need. In casethe postage is $2.32, divide by $0.50, you get 4.64, round to 5 stamps as total. You can also purchase stamps as 1,2, 3, 5, and 10 cents.

7. Peel the stamps back and press to the package or envelope. Place in the right-hand upper corner. Arrange in 1 or 2 rows. 

Postal clerks help you in the postage price calculation and sell the stamps at the post office.

package shipping-calculator
package shipping-calculator
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