Indian railway ready for ‘privatization to run trains’!

Private operator will run the train

In the initial phase, the Railways will give some trains to IRCTC and in return, IRCTC will pay them.

Indian Railways will soon invite private players in the name of better facilities. According to sources, the Ministry of Railways plans to invite private players to run the train through the IRCTC nget, which connects the tourist spots of the country or the route on which the passenger is low. For this, the Railways will give some trains to IRCTC and in return, IRCTC will pay them. IRCTC will invite private player or operator to run the train through the bidding process.

There is a plan to run a private operator on the country’s tourist route or on a low-pressure route in terms of passenger numbers. The Government argues that private operators will provide good and world class facilities to the passengers, which will be good for Indian Railways.

Railway will move forward in a phased manner

To improve the condition of Indian Railways, the Railway Ministry is preparing to make a big decision. The services of trains now handed over to the private sector. It is believed that the private participation of premium trains in Indian Railways extended in a phased manner. Initially, the Rajadhani train and after that other trains one by one handed over to the private companies through tender.

But it is yet to decide. Railways have also fixed a target of the next hundred days, in which there is a plan to give permits to private companies to run the premium trains. Not only passenger trains but also major steps are taken to increase private participation in freight trains. The reason behind handing trains in private hands is that it will increase passenger amenities of premium trains. In this way, the private sector will provide better facilities in the commercial operations of the Railways.

Premium trains are running in profit

According to railway sources, the premium trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi are going on in profit, hence the work of operation of such trains more interested in taking private companies. The focus of the Ministry of Railways is to give permits to the private sector for running of premium trains. The private sector participation handed over at the earliest. In order to hand over premium trains in private hands, the Ministry of Railways has to make a full plan. According to railway sources, private sector participation in freight trains and their wagon will be increased. With this, the purpose of the railways is to open new railway routes for double stack containers and also to increase the speed of the freight trains.

Wi-Fi facility at the earliest stations

By the end of this year, the target for Wi-Fi facility on all trains and railway stations has also been fixed. Also, the railway has planned to spread the display network across the country. By the end of this year, the target to provide Wi-Fi facility to all trains and railway stations has also been fixed.