Know here how people hack a computer and the different types of hackers


In this world of computers, the networks are created by good guys to help in communicating, to get information, and to work with others. However, there are the guys and girls who are not-really-good as well, and for various reasons, they also use the computers so that they worm their way to cause trouble.

They are the people known as hackers and on a routine, they do things such as:

  • Obtain passwords
  • Steal secrets
  • Avail your credit card information
  • Shut down your website by creating unwanted traffic.

Hackers know how to hack computers and steal information to disrupt or gain business. You may have heard about hackers a lot, but know her what they are doing and meaning by computer hacking.

Hackers are not stars

There are people thinking that hacking is fun and a great way of sneaking or making mischief into another account shows their intelligence and is an admirable job. Actually, it is not a cool way of entering other computers, besides the IT experts are people or businesses spending huge amounts in building government or business networks.  There is nothing to be happy or being playful about computer hacks. For that matter, anyone’s identity or money getting stole cannot be taken lightly.


There are 3 types of hackers:

  • Young kids, typical adolescents who on the internet are the vandals. They just have fun for a few hours when they get time to mess with networks or websites.
  • Recreational hackers are the next type and these people are savvy computer users. They do not have a reason at least, but just on a grudge against a company or a website may develop dislike and enjoy disrupting a website by hacking.
  • Professionals, they know how to hack a computer with ease. These experts hack and enjoy the flavor, use this skill to break open the accounts of people so that they steal money. They are people who also for fun take a big network down and enjoy the feel of others being troubled.

    Password theft and entering the system

 Password theft and entering the system

The foremost step of the hackers is in finding a password and cracking the security of the network. Now what the hackers do is here:

  • Buffer overflow: This is a way of attack through malicious commands to the system to overrun an application buffer.
  • Back door: Used by a hacker like a secret pathway to get entry into the computer system.
  • Email worm: A mini-program or a virus-laden script sent to an unsuspecting victim through email message looking normal.
  • Denying service attack: Designed to paralyze the system of the victim by averting to handle the normal traffic, and this is done by causing false traffic.
  • Rootkit: Tools used to disguise and expand by an intruder to have control over your system
  • Root access: This is the job of serious hackers such that they will have complete system control.
  • Session hijacking: Inserting malicious data by a hacker right over the internet into the actual data transmission.

    Session hijacking

  • Script kiddies: An unsophisticated or young hacker using base hacker tools act as a true hacker.
  • Trojan horse: A program that helps to trick the computer user into an unexpected attack by staying behind the scenes as unnoticeable.
Trojan horse virus

Keeping safe

Protect by creating passwords tough to predict or use different passwords for each account, keep changing often the passwords. Use uncommon numbers and alphabets, make a note of it.


These steps are certain to prevent users and their computers from becoming an easy prey or target to these expert hackers.


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