Step by step procedure for changing your name online


Name is the primary and the most important identity of a person. But many times, individuals have to change their names because of a lot of reasons. Some do it after marriage, some do it for spelling correction, some for religious reasons and some for random reasons. Whatever the reason is, there is an established and complex procedure for changing the name which has followed by everyone. But you don’t have to worry as name change online with MyAdvo can help you make your legal process simpler and hustle-free sitting at home. They will take care of legal documentation and filing. There are few steps followed for successfully changing the name which is listed below.


There is a set procedure for changing the name by an individual followed step by step. The details of the procedure have been mentioned below:


The first and foremost task is to shortlist the name. After choosing the desired name, an affidavit for change of name made and stamped. The affidavit must contain the old name, the new name, the reason for changing the name and the address. There must be at least 2 witnesses who will sign the affidavit and stamped on a stamp paper of Rs. 10 or 20 and it must be signed by a notary public.

steps to change name online
steps to change name online

The different types of affidavits such as:

  1. Name change affidavit after marriage- This affidavit is used when a person wants to change the name after the marriage. For a change of name after marriage, one needs to present a marriage certificate and photographs of the person with the spouse. These presented along with the affidavit.
  2. Name change affidavit for a passport- This affidavit used when one wants to change the name on the passport. It is generally done when a spelling mistake in the passport or in case of changing the surname after marriage.
  3. Name change affidavit for minors- This affidavit given when there the change of name of a minor and presented by the parents or the legal guardian of the minor.



After creating the affidavit, the next step is to place the advertisement in a national newspaper. If a married woman is changing her name then she has to provide her husband’s name and address also in the notification.


After the submission of the initial name change application, the important thing to check the name change published in the National Gazette.


  • There must be an affidavit on a stamp whose minimum value should be Rs. 10.
  • The newspaper cutting containing the name change advertisement also required and a prescribed form in printed form must be duly signed by the applicant and two witnesses.
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Photocopies of valid ID proof such as passport, Aadhar Card or PAN card.
  • A CD containing the soft copy of the application in .docx format which must be duly filled.
  • A letter stating that the information in the application’s hard copy and a soft copy is true.
  • A letter of request to the authority with the registration fees.


List of details listed in the newspaper advertisement as below:

  • Applicant’s old name
  • Applicant’s new name
  • Name of the father/husband of the applicant
  • Applicant’s age
  • Address of the applicant
  • Number of the prior name change affidavit by the applicant
  • Date of creation of affidavit
  • Attesting notary’s name


Central Gazette is a very viable option for publishing name change advertisements and it is mandatory for the government employees. For publishing the advertisement following documents sent to the department of the publication.

  • Request Letter
  • Affidavit
  • Proforma notification
  • Verification Certificate
  • D format

As discussed above, there are various reasons for changing the name by a person like after marriage, divorce, political reasons, numerology, religious reasons, astrology, not liking their current name, etc. and now because of the technological advancements you don’t even have to deal with all the paper works as the name change procedure can also be completed online.

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