An Insider’s Guide to Kolkata’s tourism

guide to-Kolkata

Guide to Kolkata’s tourism

Are you planning your trip to Kolkata? Yes!!! Here’s a guide of this loving city for you, so that when you come to my city, you will not feel like a stranger. Kolkata always welcomes each of its tourist from the core of its heart with a lovely smile. This is the place where you will feel ‘Home away from home’ due to its warm-hearted residents. This City of Joy is a perfect tourist destination, and you should definitely visit LBB to get info on Kolkata to plan your trip. This city welcomes you to enjoy your vacation with a lot of activities. So let’s start….

Places of attractions:

The East India Company ruled over Kolkata for a period of 250 years and thus, gave the city a British look with its heritage building in major places like; 

The Victoria Memorial, the palace of Queen Victoria:

This palace is located in the heart of the city. The Britishers have erected this palace in the memory of Queen Victoria. This momentum will draw you to the period of Victoria with its historic relics, glorious architecture, royal paintings, and opulent green lawns. This place is open for visitors from 5.30 a.m in the morning till 7 p.m in the evening.  


The Indian museum:

This museum is the largest, as well as the oldest museum in the country, consisting of an enormous variety of exhibits such as the fossils of dinosaurs, collection of coins, antiques, paintings, mummies, weapons, skeletons, and so on. 

The Indian museum kolkata

The Science City:

When you have kids traveling with you, then Science City visit is a must, as this is the major science center of India. This place is comprised of varieties, starting from Evolution Park, Space Odyssey, 3D Theatres, as well as Time Machine. A complete science package for the kids. 

The Science City kolkata

The Nicco Park:

Again, when you are accompanied by your kids, then this place is a must-visit with numerous types of rides and water parks. You can find more if you visit LBB to get info on Kolkata.

The Nicco Park kolkata

Temples and Churches of Kolkata:

Being the place of Hindus’, Kolkata is the hub of numerous age-old temples like the Kalighat temple, Dakshineshwar Temple, Birla mandir, Swaminarayan temple and many more. These places attract the maximum number of spiritual tourist as well as tourist from all over the world because of its amazing architecture. Another famous attraction of the place is St. John’s Cathedral Church located near Park Street.  

Temples and Churches of Kolkata

An admirer of the River Ganges:

The River Ganges is the other major attraction of the tourists. Kolkata is connected with the other parts of Bengal with two major bridges, one is the famous Howrah Bridge built by the British East India Company, and the other is the Hoogly Setu which is recently constructed by the West Bengal Government. The banks of the river remain crowded on each evening. The West Bengal Government has arranged chargeable ferries for you, to enjoy the amazing boat rides in the river. The right bank of the river is known as Princep Ghat, is an age-old ghat from the British times. 

An admirer of the River Ganges howrah bridge

When you are in Kolkata you must not forget the street food:

Phuchka, Aaloo kabli, churmuri, and jhalmuri:

The legacy of Kolkata is stored in its street food. You will not be able to leave the city without tasting these delicacies with LBB. Phuchka is among the best street food for the Kolkatans and is world-famous. The round crunchy Phuchka is stuffed with mashed aloo, mixed with tangy tamarind water and Bengali spices inside. Your taste bud will get excited as soon as you put the whole thing in your mouth. 

The Aloo kabli is also a well-known street food of the localities and is available in every corner of the city. This is also a potato preparation. Boiled potatoes are mixed with tangy tamarind sauce, onions, chilies, tomatoes, chickpeas with a dashing mixture of spices. 

Churmur is a preparation made with broken Phuchka, aloo, and chickpeas mixed with tangy tamarind sauce and spices. 

The puffed rice available in Kolkata shops is known as muri. The deadly combination of muri, with cucumber, onion, boiled potato, chickpeas, tomatoes, coconut and tangy mix of hot spices gives birth to Jhalmuri. 

These are the famous street foods, available in every corner of the city but if you want to taste the best then you must visit the new market area, the perfect shopping center of Kolkata.  

These are the famous street food stalls, while you can enjoy Bengali cuisine in some famous restaurants like Aheli, Oh! Calcutta, Bhojohori Manna, Sholo Ana Bangali and so on. 

Phuchka- Aaloo kabli- churmuri and jhalmuri

How can you forget to shop in Kolkata?

The city is chaotic with its traffic and people. The Kolkatans’ are famous and helpful, friendly and warm-hearted. The shopping places of Kolkata hold extreme fun and offers a variety, to its visitors. The best place to do shopping is Newmarket, where you will get a variety to shop. Challenge your bargaining skills in this market place. The next shopping spot is Barabazar. This is the market which offers you, with a wide range of variety starting from clothes, plastic materials, spices, daily use items, etc. at a very cheap rate. There are also many other famous market places in the city like Hatibagan, Gariahat, Dakshinapan Shopping center, etc. 

These are all major things about the city of Kolkata. I guess, all these suggestions will definitely help you during your visit to the city, Kolkata. 


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