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The dusty Winnemucca road has been mentioned at the beginning of the song “I’ve Been Everywhere”. The songwriter speaks only of the truth. Winnemucca has styled itself as the City of Paved Streets; the paths of which lead travelers to roads that are anything but dusty. Although Nevada best known for its share of deserts and casino towns, HumboldtCounty’s main seat begs to differ. Winnemucca is the state’s friendliest town, which is nowhere short of hospitality. The town is located smack at the midpoint of Salt Lake City and San Francisco. The city’s ideal location offers the best of both its cowboy and American Indian heritage. Tote your bags and follow the lead of Winnemucca’s song.

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Restaurants and Dining

Winnemucca has a deep Basque cultural heritage, readily evident in the city’s 3 Basque dining places. You can take your pick among The Ormachea’s Dinner House, Holiday Motel Winnemucca, the Martin Hotel, and be prepared for family-style dining, a must-have Winnemucca experience. The latter is perhaps Nevada’s best Basque restaurants, located at the corner of Melarkey and Railroad Streets. The establishment itself is listed among the National Register of Historic Places. The restaurant experiences yearly traffic, and most visit the historic place for dinners served with Basque side dishes, beans, hand-cut French fries, baked bread, salads, homemade soup, and Martin bread pudding. Choose from the many options of rib eyes, lamb, pork chops and other steaks. The Winnemucca Trio has given the town the greatest concentration of Basque-related fares throughout the state. Omachea’s Dinner House is famous for its young customers. Guests love the offerings of steaks and lamb shanks.

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Exploring the City

Much of Winnemucca best navigated on foot, so make sure to head to the HumboldtCounty Visitors Center for a complimentary copy of the area’s walking tour map. When you’re all set to see the town, Tip’s Western is certainly one of the many must-sees. Its spurs, leather goods, custom saddles, and other neat items are worth exploring. Book your Winnemucca Hotels with

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Things to Do

Winnemucca offers no end to the off-road opportunities, hunting, biking, and hiking savored on the city’s thousands of trails. The daunting and well-known expanse of the Bloody Shins Trail calls forth expert mountain bikers, while the best Chuckar hunting in the region beckons hunters to the area. Tourists can also join the city’s jam-packed calendar that runs year-round. Over 800 bikers rumble through the city to join the Run-A-Mucca motorcycle rally during the Memorial Day Weekend. The screeches of their motors set as the city’s big kick-off to an event-filled summer season. The Rand Hand Rodeo Weekend, National Senior Pro Rodeo Finals, Basque Festival, Fifties Fever, Winnemucca Mule Show and Draft Horse Challenge soon follow.

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Best Museums

The HumboldtCountyVisitorsCenter is the location of the Buckaroo Hall of Fame, WesternHeritageMuseum, and the William Humphreys Big Game Collection. The halls also feature exhibits on the pioneer trail, Basque culture, American Indian heritage, the Great Basin, and feature mining. Included in the galleries are the mining town’s impressive rock and mineral collections.

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