Why should the common citizen be interested in Chandrayaan 2

For a common man trapped in a web of poverty, who has never read science, this mission of such a big scale is no less than a fairytale. Words like rocket, satellite, orbiter, lander and rover never dealt with him.

But before we find the answer to this question, we should ask why did the new country decide to spend money on space science, whose wealth overturned by British imperialism?

In the initial phase, Vikram Sarabhai and all the scientists associated with ISRO had to face severe criticism and had to face this question many times.

Dr. Vikram Sarabhai


He able to convince the political leadership of the time that “We should not be left behind in the use of modern technology to solve the real problems of man and society.”

He also cleared that the goal of the Indian space mission “is not to compete with economically affluent countries to explore the moon and other planets or to take manned space flights.”

That is why we remained a country apart from the rest, which did not start its space campaign for military use. It was a civilian project, while the Space Research of America, Europe, and the Soviet Union started due to the Cold War.

What has changed

Does the obvious question arise that has the objective of India’s space mission changed now? Or, by examining “the moon and other planets”, “what real problems of human and society” can be solved?

The answer to these questions lies in the basic nature of ‘scientific research’. Science in general and space research in particular means gathering knowledge by examining untouched areas so that the basis of the evolution and development of mankind found.

It is well known that Sarabhai opposed to copying or competing with economically developed countries.

But we should not forget that in the 1960s, if they had not made toys like rockets and launched them from a church in Tumba, Kerala, India would not have been able to send missions to the moon and Mars.

Who would be able to convince those critics of yesterday that one day India will have its own satellites, which will be able to save millions of lives by warning ahead of time? There will be satellites that will help in the management of crops and forests and strengthen the national communication system.

If this had not happened, like most countries, we would have depended on the grace of developed countries for our social and economic security.

What ISRO, CSIR, IARI, Atomic Energy and DRDO have achieved in the last 70 years is considered to be the script of a science fiction in the 1950s and 60s. Who would have thought that on the basis of satellite data about the cyclone, the lives of humans saved in a poor developing country by transporting about eight lakh people from the coastal areas to safe places?

It was beyond imagination that one day there will be more than 1000 TV channels in the country. Most of them will be using indigenous technology. This list is a bit long.

Why it is important to know about Chandrayaan


Let us return to the basic question that why a common man should have a connection with science and especially why he should be interested in Chandrayaan 2.

Although we can get into an endless debate about this, I would like to mention some reasons here. The first reason is that the history of science is full of examples in which one discovery or invention completely changed our understanding of the universe, solar system and humans.

Scientific information has continuously impacted our lives and social relationships. However, in today’s world, no scientific discovery can be done with the help of society.
Now, while most of the time the work of advancing science is done in secrecy and hiding from the eyes of people, then such big programs create national debate and also increase scientific understanding of people. This creates trust between the scientific community and ordinary citizens.

The autonomous people have the right to know what its scientists are doing? if necessary, they also have the right to direct them to solve the “real problems of man and society”.

If the projects like Chandrayaan 2 are completed, then they considered as the report card of the scientific community because it shows at what level, in which condition, science is in the country.

Why soft landing is a big deal

scientist working for chandrayaan 2
scientist working for chandrayaan 2 – PC-ISRO

The public should also know why soft landing on the moon is a matter of national honor. Why it is important to choose the south pole of the moon for landing.

The gravitational force and atmosphere conditions on the Moon are very different from those of the Earth. We have already mastered the technique of getting soft-land on earth. How to increase the speed of lander, how to reduce it and where to bend it, we use air for this.

Airplanes, helicopters, hovercraft and drones similarly land comfortably on the surface of the earth without crashing. But there is no wind on the moon. Therefore, fuel needed to make a soft landing there. Fuel also needed to increase speed, reduce and guide the lander to the right place.

This entire process requires extreme speed and accuracy. India will be the fourth country to achieve this.

vikram lander & pragyan rowar landing
Vikram lander & Pragyan rower landing


Why only the south pole

south pole of moon
south pole of moon- PC JAPAN SPACE

Two reasons why the lunar southern polar region was chosen for landing. Firstly, it will let us know whether the soil structure there is similar to the northern part or not.

From this, we will get important information towards understanding the origin of our solar system. The second reason that we would like to know whether there is water in this area. whether it is in such a quantity that it can be used.

This question troubling the scientists for a long time because if there is water. It will open the way to settle the moon and used as a cheap launch pad for further exploration missions of space.

If we get a collection of water at the south pole of the moon, it changes our whole concept about the moon. Even if there is evidence of the presence of water molecules on its surface, it is still completely dry. cracked up to be.


The Chandrayaan 2 project also a clear indication of a change. Till now ISRO’s focus to master space-related technology. But now ISRO will also include a large number of institutions, including universities, etc., beyond its boundary wall.

A statement by Sarabhai often mentioned, “Which is the best form of government? A government is one that reduces” governance “and instead finds ways to collect and use public energy.”

So under Sarabhai’s dream of harnessing people’s energy, now a large part of the scientific community will be absorbed.
Finally, one of the most important things, such projects are run with the help of the money of the general public of the country. Therefore they have the right to know whether their money will be beneficial for the coming generations.

I believe that Chandrayaan 2 will inspire the coming generations to touch the horizon of knowledge which we have not even thought about.

Maybe they dream of settling on the moon or Mars from the first human settlement of India.