Here’s why ICICI Coral credit card is the best choice for frequent flyers

icici coral credit card

Why ICICI Coral credit card is the best?


The Gemstone collection of the premium credit card was launched by the ICICI Bank. The ICICI Coral Credit Card is a part of the group which offers five variations of credit card in the same series. The card designed to provide exclusive offers and deals to the users with other features like reward points. If you are one of those cardholders who are seeking lucrative offers on travel deals, then ICICI coral credit card is the most suitable option for you. The credit card modeled with a partnership of ICICI Bank along with different entities to provide utmost advantages and rewards to its customers especially if they frequent flyers.



Reasons why frequent flyers should pick an ICICI Bank Coral credit card

A joining fees of Rs. 500 including GST charged in the initial year get the membership of ICICI coral credit card. Joining charges will be more for Jet Airways and NRI coral credit card like Rs.1,250 and Rs. 1000 plus GST, respectively. The bank awards a welcoming point when you avail the membership of this card. After paying the fee, post 45 working days, the points are straight away added into the accounts of the cardholders.

There are some rewards on the payback points of the coral card users. Under the ICICI Bank Milestone Rewards program, any monetary transactions above Rs. 2 lakhs awarded 2000 points. Post this, after the completion of the anniversary year any transaction above Rs. 1 lakh will be awarded 1000 points. Excluding payments of fuels, a cardholder is also qualified to get two payback points on the purchase of Rs.100. The upper limit for payback is Rs. 10,000 per annum and can easily fetch one payback point on payments for insurances and utilities.

ICICI Coral credit card

If you are flying to a new city, then don’t worry ICICI Coral credit cards offers a culinary treat with a discount of 15% on dining above Rs. 2,500 across 12 cities in India. Now you can easily book your ticket in any city at BookMyShow website and get a free complimentary ticket. Cardholders can even get up to two complimentary tickets per month, costing Rs.250. Tickets are given to cardholders on the basis of availability.


The ICICI coral credit card is an asset for the frequent flyers in the city. Cardholders of ICICI bank coral credit card can earn JP miles not only in every spends but also when they book their tickets through the websites of Jet Airways. You can also redeem the JP miles from Jet Airways along with 25 other international airline partners. This card also gives you access to the complimentary lounge areas in any domestic airports of India. This also applies to the lounge quarters in the Indian railway station as well. Some of the coral credit cards are equipped with the latest features like built-in-contactless technology that makes payments very quickly during shopping.


In present times, there is an escalation in the various cases of fraudulent transactions and identity theft. To ensure the transactions remain safe, some additional security features given on the coral credit card. The transactions on the coral credit cards secured with a microchip facility which acts as a protection against any malfunction of the card. A personal identification number (PIN) also generated for the user of coral credit cards. There is no requirement of PIN number in case of any online transaction. You can also log on the official website of ICICI bank and get registered to avail 3D secure facilities.


Waivers ICICI coral credit Card

Waivers of 1% on fuel surcharges are also available on ICICI credit coral card if they make a transaction of Rs. 4000 or above on any HPCL outlet. The waiver applicable on card payments made through ICICI Merchant Services, card swipe machines. If we take a holistic view about this coral credit card, cardholders can simply save a lot in multiple areas like movie tickets, culinary treats, access to railways and airport lounges, waiver on fuel surcharge, followed by rewards. An estimated saving of around Rs. 18,325 made by the frequent travelers if they apply for this coral credit card.

hpcl-visa-coral-credit card

By using this card, cardholders can easily pay their credit card bills with methods like net-banking, visa-money transfer, auto-debit facility, dropping a cheque at the ICICI Bank dropbox, NEFT or making payment at your nearest bank branch. Through this card, one gets facilities of a supplementary or an add on credit card which offered to the closest members of the family like spouse, parents, or children above the age of 18 years.

If you are a frequent flyer then you can either apply online by logging onto the official website of ICICI Bank or by paying a visit to the nearest ICICI Bank branch. Compare the different coral credit card interest rates and benefits before selecting the best one. Some basic requirements fulfilled for both eligibility and documentation to get your ICICI Bank coral credit card.


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