What is Indrapura or Indore? Indreshwar temple connection to this city

What is Indrapura or Indore? Indreshwar temple connection to this city

Located on the tributary Saraswati and Khan streams of Shipra, Indore city is the most famous city of Madhya Pradesh. Swar Kokila Lata Mangeshkar was born in this city. Indore city has emerged in the center of education in recent times, making Indore city the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh. Also known as the largest city of Malwa is Indore itself. Indore city is a very old city. Between Ujjain to Omkareshwar Yatra in the middle of 1715, there is a special Shanuma used to be this mountain but has been transformed into a metropolis today. The city of Indore is now taking the form of Mumbai. The city planning made by Sir Petrikgades 1998, Development through travel 1818 Municipality 1878, Railways, 1906 Bijli Baba 1907 Telephone The development journey started auspiciously.

History of Indore

The landlords settled Indore as a trading center on the Narmada river valley route in 1715, Indore was earlier known as Indure.
In 1715, the local zamindars established Indore as a trade center on the Narmada river valley route. Earlier Indore was named Indur but due to the Indreshwar temple built in 1700 41 AD, Indure name changed to Indore.

The Indore city of Madhya Pradesh was established around the 18th century by Malhar Rao Holkar.
Malhar Rao Holkar had won many wars on behalf of the second Peshwa Bajirao I, as a result of which in 1733, Bajirao Peshwa gave the city of Indore as a reward to Malhar Rao Holkar.

He made Indore his capital after taking possession of the southwest region of Malwa.
After his death, two Commission rulers sat on the throne, although the third ruler Ahilya Bai (1765-1795 AD) executed it with success.
Indore city came under British rule in January 1818.

Indrapur or Indore

The former princely state of the Holkar-kings and their capital was Indore. The city was built by Ahilyabai in the 18th century, whose name was read Indra Pur due to the ancient temple of Indreshwar Mahadev.

indreshwar temple indore
indreshwar temple indore

industrial city

Indore city is the main collection and distribution center besides being a commercial and industrial center. There are more than 800 industries in its surrounding areas. Indore Madhya Pradesh is the major producer of wheat, groundnut, and soybean. Indore city is also famous for its spicy food and snacks.

Major industries in the city of Indore include tile cement cloth, Chandu chemicals, sporting goods, furniture, metalwork, grain, etc. Run old oil refineries in old industries, lacquer bangles, earthen pots, handloom weaving, printing, and dyeing, etc.

Teaching institute

Indore city established as an education center with many universities like Devi Ahilya University in the year 1964,  G. s. Institute of Technology and Science, Institute of International Vocational Studies, Holkar Vigyan, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College, Indian Institute of Management, Choithram Hospital and Research Center etc.

standard of living

The living of the people of Indore city is quite simple and good. Apart from the winter and summer rain, the nature of the people here is also normal, neither it gets too cold nor too much heat nor too much rain, so the weather here is favorable for living. is.

food and drink

Indore city is very famous for eating and feeding, there are many places like Sarafa 56 located in Indore city where people go in search of tasty fresh new dishes.



There is only one airport in Indore city which connects other cities with Indore by air.

railroad track

Rail facility is very good in Indore, direct train facility from Delhi Mumbai is here.


Indore is the largest city in Madhya Pradesh, where much historical art craft, preserved the old heritage in themselves. Indore city the capital of the Holkar dynasty in the medieval period. Still many emotions related to this dynasty seen here. The Annapurna Temple Central Museum is a major site here where people go in large numbers. There are many palaces in Indore city but most of all Rajwada considered the attractive center of Indore. Apart from this in the house, the glass temple Lalbagh, Krishnapura Chhatri, is a seven-story grand Holkar Rajwada palace, which now has only the façade. There tall idol left of Shri Ganesh Ji of 7.62 meters.

rajwada indore
rajwada indore