It is easy to save on the USA holiday

Most budget travelers bypass the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and other expensive countries. People choose to fly to Europe, precisely because of the presence of low-cost airlines. Between countries, you can move either with the help of low-cost airlines or by train. However, what about the States? Is it possible to travel not expensive in the USA? We are going to touch upon the majority of this country’s travel aspects.

  1. Renting a Car

Do not be afraid to rent a car in the USA. You will save money and time. Moreover, the cost of renting a car in America is one of the lowest in the world. You can make sure of this when using Orlando car rental under 21.

  1. Flight

Without luggage, low-cost airlines are ready to take you sometimes for twenty-five dollars across half the country. This is a fast and cheap choice for tourists in America. There are many options of not expensive airlines. Among them are Frontier Airlines, Spirit, JetBlue, Sun Country Airlines and Virgin America.

  1. Accommodation

Depending on the location, budget, and requirements regarding the level of comfort, you can choose between hotels, motels, hostels, rented apartments and campsites. Hostels and motels in the city center will cost more than on the outskirts. Most national parks have their own cheap campsites (in summer you should reserve these places in advance). Also along the road, there are rest areas where you can stop and sleep. There are usually tables and tents. If you are disturbed by the local patrol, feel free to say that you are tired, it is difficult for you to drive and that you need to relax. This is a good reason to stay in these places.

  1. Fast food chains

There is a developed network of fast-food eateries, when at one gas station there are McDonald’s, Burger King, Tacos, and 5 more restaurants. One-dollar burgers and unlimited cola are very attractive. Moreover, if you wait for the order longer than you should, they will give it for free.

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You can come to Starbucks with their carton glass bought on the same day, and also ask for a refill, but it does not always work. Buffet style establishments are also popular in the USA, where for a fixed small price you can eat a lot.

  1. Buy food in supermarkets to save money

A good way to reduce the cost of an independent trip to the United States is to buy food in supermarkets. In large markets, foodstuffs are much cheaper than, for example, in small stores at gas stations. Also in supermarkets, there is a category of goods that are produced specifically for this network. The cost of them is lower compared to other brands. Do not forget that the prices are shown in the shops without taxes (usually it is 6-10% of the price).

  1. Gasoline payment

If you pay gasoline by credit card yourself, $ 1 will be charged from your account to verify the successful completion of the operation. If your payment failed the first time, and you try to pay again, $ 1 will be drawn down again, and so on. Of course, after an unsuccessful attempt, no one will return the written-off dollars to you. So if you are not sure whether you can pay with a card, pay for gas to the cashier or in cash.

  1. Museums

City museums often have donation entry options. Of course, the desired amount of donation can be indicated, but you can pay 1 dollar and go, for example, to the Guggenheim Museum in New York to admire the modern impressionists. There are many museums and galleries, which have special free days. Information about them can usually be found on the site of the museum itself.

In New York, you can save money and sail on a ferry, not to the Statue of Liberty, but to Staten Island – it is free, but it passes by the Statue of Liberty. You will as well get nice photos.

  1. Benefits for tourists

In large cities, you can find special centers for travelers (they are called ‘visitor centers’ and ‘travel centers’). There you can get free booklets with descriptions of sights and tourist maps. There are similar brochures in hotels – do not be shy to take them.


A trip through the States is a romantic adventure. It is quite possible to implement it, but people think that accumulating money for this is very difficult. Having a small amount of money, one could hardly count on many opportunities, but a little dexterity and recklessness will help you to feel America with its eccentric character and impudent style.