A Study On Academic Achievement After Using Cannabis

The utilization of cannabis for improvements in brain function has long been a subject of numerous researches and studies. Unfortunately, many are still confused as to how marijuana affects the brain as well as how it can help in the organ’s different functions. It’s possible to find the best cannabis strain by choosing a reliable and reputable source in the industry.

Although the majority of the population dismisses the thought of considering cannabis as a tool for better brain function and a contributor for academic achievements, some researchers aim to prove them wrong.

Cannabis And Improving Memory

According to a 2019 study conducted by Blaes et al., cannabis usage helped improve memory. Researchers from the University of Florida experimented on thirty-two rats (sixteen males, sixteen females) that went through different tasks that tested their minds and their abilities to remember previous actions done. The subjects were to find and press a lever or poke a feeding to obtain food pellets as a reward. After a few tries, in the beginning, the researchers then incorporated cannabis smoke and tried testing the rats again.

The results showed that the exposure of the rats to acute cannabis smoke showed changes in their working memory performances. The female rats showed more improvements because their levels of task performances were, in reality, lower compared to that of the male rats.


The Role Of Cannabis In Neurogenesis

Neurogenesis means the process of developing and growing neurons. Although it is a common belief that neurogenesis only happens while a person develops inside their mother’s womb, the reality is that it continues even until adulthood.

In a study conducted by researchers from the Complutense University in Madrid, the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology stated that a human’s endocannabinoid system actively takes part in the proliferation and differentiation of neural cells. Cannabis has receptors that directly affect the said system, which means that the plant may take part in neurogenesis. Furthermore, cannabinoids can improve the modulation of the neuron’s activities, which ultimately brings balance and homeostasis.

Also, the system that cannabis directly acts upon is a factor that helps the brain repair itself even after significant brain damage. According to a 2013 research conducted by Lopez-Rodriguez et al., the researchers were able to see the involvement of the endocannabinoid system in neuron development. Also, researchers were able to see the role of cannabis in the repair of brain edema, neuron injury (axons), and inactivation of specific components of the brain.


Busting The Myth

Contrary to what most people believe, cannabis usage does not cause and will never cause permanent brain damage. To counter that belief, the McLean Hospital conducted a study that tackled how cannabis can significantly help in the improvement of an adult’s cognitive function. The study, led by Staci Gruber, a Ph.D., and director of the Marijuana Investigations for Neuroscientific Discovery, showed promising results. The department monitored the cognitive performance of a patient starting from baseline until they received cannabis dosages at the third, sixth, and twelfth month. The results showed that cannabis usage didn’t only affect cognitive abilities, it also gave the patients significant improvements in their sleep pattern, clinical conditions, and a decrease in the need to use opiates in treatments.


Conclusion: Does Cannabis Help In Academic Achievements?

To achieve academic excellence, one must have improved memory functions, a regular sleep cycle, and continued neural development. Based on the studies mentioned above and research, cannabis plays a significant role in helping users attain academic achievements. Despite the continued doubts regarding the positive effects of cannabis on a user’s memory, neurogenesis, or cognitive functions, continuous research helps to shed light on the different possibilities and benefits cannabis further can give.