7 Tips to Help You Win in Today’s Amazon World

Being successful on Amazon as a seller requires you to make an investment, both in terms of time and money. If you implement the right strategies, Amazon is a highly lucrative platform that can help you connect with the global marketplace and generate greater revenue.

Why Sellers Should Be On Amazon?

Presently, Amazon is amongst the biggest retail website where people from across the world can buy literally anything. From clothes, toys, electronics, to e-postcards, auction sales, and books, the product range of Amazon is truly extensive. Considering Amazon’s extensive presence, many sellers can find their targeted customers on this platform. This creates a huge opportunity for sellers to reach out to customers that are spawned across the globe and tread towards collecting more revenue.

Being an Amazon seller is all about assessing the market, implementing the right strategies, evaluate the performance, look out for the changing trends and modifying your strategies accordingly. Below are some powerful tips that will help you become a successful Amazon seller –

  1. Picking Out the Right Products to Sell

Finding the right product is not easy and you should not hurry this process either. You need to spend time and be patient when researching various products. You must lookout for products that are high in demand while being low in competition. You can use a product research tool like JungleScout,AMZScout, etc. to research for the popularity as well as the competitiveness of various products.

Your passion also plays an important part in choosing the right product. You need to research and pick out the products that you have an interest in promoting. When selecting the product, you have to look for how you will sell it and who will you sell to. These are the factors that will help you determine the right product.

  1. Market Your Product Across Various Platform

One of the most important factors that will contribute to your success as an Amazon seller is the way you market your product.  The competition is very fierce and you need to market your product within and outside the Amazon platform. You have to be proactive and market your brand using social media marketing, forum marketing, email marketing, etc. irrespective of the marketing channel, make sure you provide a link that will direct back to your Amazon Seller Page. When it comes to internal promotion on Amazon, the PPC campaign, Amazon Internal Promotions, and Fulfillment by Amazon are important tools that you should never overlook. Owing to the various marketing software like SellerMotor tools, Sellics, Helium 10, etc. building a marketing strategy on Amazon has become streamlined and more efficient.

  1. Be Aware of Your Competition

It is important to be aware of what your competitors are up to. Perform a comprehensive competitive analysis to see what marketing strategies they are using, the way they are pricing their products, what kind of products they are offering, etc. Even if you are doing well, you must constantly monitor the market, because it is extremely evolving and you might not always have the top position. You have to assess the market and evolve with it in order to retain your position and stay profitable. You can use tools like Sellics, BlackBirdSuite, AmazeOwl, etc. to perform extensive competitive analysis for your product.

sales competition
sales competition
  1. Optimize Your Profit

It is natural for sellers’ to start with one product; however, if you wish to be profitable, then you have to expand your business. You must provide customers with a wide range of products. The product research that you have done will help you find out the top-selling items on Amazon, and be a part of that money-making bandwagon. Holiday seasons pave the way for increased selling opportunities, so you must have a different selling strategy to optimize your sales during that time.

  1. Price Your Product Right

If you don’t price your product right, you will end up losing your potential customers to your competitors. When it comes to pricing your Amazon product you want to be profitable to customers while generating maximum profits. Firstly, you have to consider all your costs and then select a profitable price. Furthermore, you have to price your products competitive in order to get them on top of the organic search results. Additionally, you must see how your competitors are pricing the products. Based on the competitor’s analysis you have to decide on a price that is profitable to you and provide a better experience to the customers.

  1. Exceptional Customer Service

To become successful on Amazon, you must provide your customers with an excellent shopping experience. This is the best way to improve your probabilities to increase positive ratings and reviews for your products. Ensure that your customers are well-aware of the update with their orders. Send a confirmation email after placing the order, shipping, and delivery. Stay connected with your customers, so that they know you care about them, thereby promoting positive reviews. Ensure that you don’t bombard them with irrelevant emails, be specific and useful with your approach.

  1. Investing in Quality Packaging

You don’t want to sell on Amazon only to find out it reaches customers damaged. It can significantly impact your reputation among the customers. Invest in quality packaging while shipping, so that the product reaches the customer securely. You can set up Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) that takes care of the shipment of your products. You can ship your products in bulk to Amazon and then it will take care of the shipping process. This can free up a lot of time and money for you that you can invest in building growth strategies for your business.

quality packing
quality packing


Being one of the biggest online retail platforms, Amazon holds tremendous growth potentials for the sellers. However, it is important to understand that presently there are thousands of sellers from across the world competition in this marketplace to generate higher profit. Evidently surviving here is not going to be easy and you have to put your best foot forward. Above we have mentioned some useful tips that will help you create powerful strategies to become a successful seller on this platform.