Tips to write a memorandum that is effective, concise, and clear

Do you know what a memo is?  A memo is not for a group of people. It may be informed of something.  It can be anything, general information for everyone to know. Thus, writing a memo should ensure it has a clear purpose, offers easy read, conveys the message in a quick time, and makes life easier.

Memo examples:

  • A CEO announcing a new policy of bonus.
  • IT department sending reminders for passwords to be updated once in 2 months.

A memo is sent as an email, and this replaces having a meeting for small information. Memos should be crisp and near, if it is long, it becomes boring. Here are a few tips that are super-easy to make memos interesting and easy to follow:

Tips to know how to write a memo:

Audience Orientation

Consider the needs and the audience before preparing a memo. An abbreviation or acronym used should know to the management and the employees, so that when posted, there is no ambiguity and the communication is clear.

Formal, professional Tone

Memos are announcements. It may be a feedback request or some general information to the employees from the organization. The memo may reflect procedures or policies, as well.

Subject Emphasis

The subject line expected to be concise and clear. If it is an announcement about a holiday observance, the subject line should be specific as ‘Thanksgiving weekend’ and not ‘holiday observance’.

Direct Format

Memo format is a direct format and should have a clear purpose for the announcement.


Memos place the facts in an objective tone without any preference, personal bias, or any interest.

Prior to sending a memo, bear in mind to go through these guidelines:

  • Ensure the action is useful to put on a memo.
  • The one-sentence explanation is enough in the header. The shorter implies it is better.
  • Get right away to the point. Re-read and eliminate chatter that is needless.
  • The memo last part should exactly say the action to be taken or followed by people.


Knowing, how to write a memorandum is very important.  Here is a memorandum sample:

A Departmental Memo


To: Division- Computer Programming

From: Vice President (Name in short)

Date: March 16, 2019

Subject: Attaching TPS reports cover sheets

This is to give a recap to the division that from today, we will file all the reports of the Testing Procedure Specification (TPS) with new cover sheets.

This change is easy. The cover sheets will give the report summary as a legal updated copy. In addition, the new sheets will bear a new logo.

This change may seem to be an extra step, but including cover, sheets ensure always updated information. In the case of failing to do so, it may result in inaccurate product delivery and confusion with our customers.

Please follow this new procedure.

Best regards,

Vice President (Name in short)



Following this memo example is enough to address your audience. It will communicate effectively in a clear language with your coworkers.