Know the various tricks through these handy hints and get out of jury duty

It is much likely that all of a sudden through some random selection you will be on jury duty. It means you have to literally rearrange your schedule and also include missing your obligations owing to the jury duty. Fortunately, there are a few ways to getting out of jury duty.

On being called for jury duty implies it is your civic obligation. But there are some ideas clutch on and some handy hints so that you know how permanently excused from jury duty

A specialist Note

The note should mention emotionally incapable or distressed to fulfill this obligation at this time. You must ensure to make it really good and it is not enough to be just good. Quote something such as my mother passed away recently and dealing with it is difficult, and so on. You may also say you have to see twice a week a counselor to get over this difficult time that is causing you severe stress and mental trauma.


Postponing a way of buying time and if they fail to follow up, you are done. Take your postponing time to the year-end and it is a slow time that you will not be called in.

Inform you are a student

If you are a student, by all means consider this as the best reason to escape. However, some states do not take this as an excuse for not doing jury duty.  If so, to avoid the jury call, become a full-time student. Learn something, ensure you are left-back, and never become eligible. Mention you attend an accredited university or college and cannot miss classes in significant numbers.

Cry hardship

You must say to them you will devastate financially if you attend the jury. You must convince that you get economically ruined to take a trail for 1 week and so you must not try on this jury obligation. Inform your employer will not pay for spending time on jury duty and your family cannot withstand the loss of income.

Medical Reasons

Mention you are recovering from back surgery sitting for extended periods cannot be done. Carry a note from the doctor.


Being Elderly

Know-How to avoid jury duty and if your 70 years, you will be exempted from attending the Jury call.

Line of Work

Stating your line of work you can escape from how to not get selected for jury duty. You may say you are a contractor with the department of police and the local police officers are your friends. So you do not feel you can be an impartial juror.


Mention about having a high-risk pregnancy and with doctors’ appointments you are already in a tight schedule that you cannot afford to miss or say you are a breastfeeding mom and in every few hours you have to feed your baby.

Put It Off

There is no need to give an explanation about how to get out of jury duty. You can put off up to 6 months and after being summoned for 2 to 3 times.