All about Tejas train in India & its services

Tejas Express is a premium train service in India operated by the Indian Railways. Here’s an overview of Tejas Express and its services:

1. Introduction:

Tejas Express was introduced to provide a premium travel experience to passengers on select routes. It is known for its modern amenities, comfort, and speed.

2. Routes: –

Tejas Express initially started its service on select routes such as Mumbai-Goa & Mumbai-Ahmedabad. Over time, its services expanded to other prominent routes like Lucknow-Delhi and Delhi-Chandigarh.
– The Indian Railways has been exploring the possibility of introducing Tejas Express on more routes across the country to offer premium travel options to passengers traveling between major cities.

3. Amenities and Features:

Modern Coaches:

Tejas Express coaches are equipped with modern facilities such as LED screens, comfortable seats, and ample legroom.


The train offers onboard catering services providing quality food options to passengers. Some routes even offer the option of pre-booking meals.


Passengers can enjoy onboard entertainment facilities like LCD screens with pre-loaded movies and music.


Tejas Express offers Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing passengers to stay connected during their journey.

Safety and Security:

The trains equipped with CCTV cameras and other safety measures to ensure passenger security.


Special attention paid to cleanliness and hygiene onboard Tejas Express trains.

Executive Class:

Tejas Express often features an executive class with upgraded amenities, including reclining seats, adjustable headrests, and additional legroom, catering to passengers seeking a premium travel experience.

4. Speed and Punctuality:

Tejas Express trains known for their punctuality and relatively faster travel times compared to regular trains on the same routes.

5. Booking and Ticketing: 

  • Passengers can book tickets for Tejas Express through various channels, including the official Indian Railways website, IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) website, mobile apps, or authorized ticket booking counters at railway stations.
  • The ticket prices for Tejas Express generally higher compared to regular trains, reflecting the premium services and amenities offered onboard.

6. Cost:

The ticket prices for Tejas Express typically higher compared to regular trains due to the premium services and amenities offered.

7. Feedback Mechanism:

Indian Railways often seeks feedback from passengers traveling on Tejas Express to continuously improve services and amenities.

8. Special Services: 

  • Some Tejas Express trains offer special services such as travel insurance coverage for passengers, providing them with additional security and peace of mind during their journey.
  • Indian Railways often seeks feedback from passengers traveling on Tejas Express through surveys & other feedback mechanisms to identify areas for improvement and enhance the overall travel experience.

9. Promotion of Tourism:

Tejas Express plays a role in promoting tourism by providing a comfortable and convenient mode of transportation for travelers visiting popular tourist destinations across India.

Overall, Tejas Express stands as a flagship premium train service of the Indian Railways, offering passengers a blend of modern amenities, comfort, safety, and efficiency for their journeys.


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