How to Rewrite Articles without compromising readability


A lot of websites offer the best products online but the traffic rate is not very healthy. Instead, the bounce rate of such websites increases because people do not spend enough time on them. The rank of a website or social media page does not improve only by uploading fresh content once. It is an … Read more

Know the intricacies of writing an abstract and its writing style

abstract writing tips

What is an abstract? It is a paragraph with 150 to 250 words giving readers a fast overview of the report or essay of an organization. It expresses the central idea referred to a thesis and presents key points suggesting applications or implications about the research in the paper. An abstract is referred to as … Read more

Avoid Writing Burnout By Making More Time For Your Hobbies


Avoid Writing Burnout The life of a writer can be difficult, characterized by periods of inspiration and long stretches of frustration. When we write about the things that inspire us, the words flow smoothly and fast. Yet when the writing is arbitrary or commissioned, that creativity can wane. This is what happened to me when … Read more