Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

Top 5 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

About Wildlife Sanctuaries in India Wildlife Sanctuaries of India is a Paradise for Wildlife Lovers and Nature. Also, India is a home for few Unique Species of Flora and Fauna and consists of Famous National Parks in India and Marine National Parks and Water Sanctuaries in India. There is also a Difference between National Park and Wildlife … Read more

Top 10 Wild Animals of India

Top 10 Wild Animals in India

Wild Animals in India India is a home to various types of animals. The domestic animals are of the following cows, goats, water buffaloes, camels, chickens and more. It is also home for the wild animals like Indochinese and Bengal tigers, clouded leopards, Indochinese leopards, snow leopards and various species of Hangul, Chital, Indian Elephant, … Read more

Gir Cow – Info on Gir Cow Price, Dairy Farm and Pure Gir Cow Milk

pure gir cow price

Gir Cow The Gir Cow is a type of the Zebu cattle originated in South Asia. It is more famous for milk cattle breed of India. The scientific name of the Gir Cattle is Bos primigenius indices. Here you can get the complete distinctive features of the Gir Cattle. This breed is originated in the … Read more

Shamirpet Lake – Hyderabad

Shamirpet Lake is located in Hyderabad. This artificial lake is 24 km distance from the north side of Secunderabad. Under the Nizam rule, it was built and this lake is a small dam with flood gates. To protect the water for Hyderabad people and neighbor region places, these lakes are so important. The Lake is … Read more

Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary-Adilabad

Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife preserve in India. It located in Mancheria, Telangana and 80 km from Karimnagar, 10 km distance from Manthani and 30 km from Godavarikhani. This whole forest is mixed with Terminalia and teak. Here, we can see the Godavari river there we can find marsh crocodiles and also we can … Read more