Check Trademark Availability and Search your Business Brand Name Online in India

 Check Trademark Availability in India Unlike during yesteryears when a trademark was published in hard documents, the advancement in technology has made it possible for you to be able to do a trademark search online. As long as the trademark you are searching is found within India, the best thing to do is visit the Trademarkcart.com … Read more

Know about HSN, SAC and GST codes that makes your Life Easier

Know about HSN, SAC and GST codes If you have never come across HSN codes before, then I am very sure and I can conclude that you have been asking yourself “what is HSN code”. Sit back as this is your opportunity to find out what is right through this article. The initial HSN stands … Read more

NRI Taxation – Income Tax of NRI in India

NRI Taxation Tax is an amount of money paid to the government for the public expenditure. It is a mandatory duty of all the citizens of India to pay tax. People who avoid tax are committing a punishable offense. There are specific rules for NRI taxation also. There are different categories of taxation. Get the … Read more

All you need to know about Telangana Waybill – TGCT

Telangana Waybill

Telangana Waybill – TGCT The Telangana State Government has significantly strengthened and updated the structure of its IT Telangana. As an example, we can cite the Commercial Tax Department’s replacement of manual Telangana waybill with the automated waybills in the state since the year 2015, from December. In Telangana Commercial Tax Department, you can find … Read more