Why should the common citizen be interested in Chandrayaan 2

chandrayaan 2 spacecraft

For a common man trapped in a web of poverty, who has never read science, this mission of such a big scale is no less than a fairytale. Words like rocket, satellite, orbiter, lander and rover never dealt with him. But before we find the answer to this question, we should ask why did the … Read more

7 Best Loan Schemes For Woman Entrepreneurs

women empowerment schemes

Best 7 Loan Facilities for Women Entrepreneurs¬† To increase the participation of women in the field of business and strengthen their economic condition, most of the banks keep launching attractive women empowering schemes from time to time. We are elaborating on some such best plans: 1. Annapurna scheme Under this scheme, women are given loans … Read more

Indian railway ready for ‘privatization to run trains’!


Private operator will run the train In the initial phase, the Railways will give some trains to IRCTC and in return, IRCTC will pay them. Indian Railways will soon invite private players in the name of better facilities. According to sources, the Ministry of Railways plans to invite private players to run the train through … Read more

Increase RAM, the memory to Minecraft and enjoy using the latest version

increase ram size for minecraft

Minecraft is this generation popular games and is available for every platform, right from Android and iOS to PC. It runs on most devices but may be better if your PC has RAM in lots to get benefitted.   Conversely, you must know to allocate more ram to Minecraft. Increasing the memory(RAM) amount that the Minecraft … Read more

Salient Features of the NRI Marriage Registration Bill, 2019

NRI marriage registration bill India

In India, marriages continue without registration. Even though many states have made it compulsory to register a marriage, but nonregistration is a common practice as there is no central law on it. The Nonregistration of marriages has led to an increase in the cases of fraudulent marriages. In order to avoid this, the SC in … Read more