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Best Places to Visit in Pondicherry

About Best Places to Visit in Pondicherry The Pondicherry is one of the Union Territories of India. Formerly it knowns as "Pondicherry" but now currently, it is known as "Puducherry". The Pondicherry Tourism is known for its storing of French Heritage remnants along with the Culture of India and will provide a great amusement to the Travelers. There are many Best… Read More

List of Puducherry Districts Along with their District Maps

About Puducherry Districts Puducherry is a Union Territories of India which is located at the southern part of Indian Peninsula and consists of 04 Puducherry Districts. The capital city of Puducherry is “Pondicherry” among Districts of Puducherry. Districts of Puducherry The following are the Districts of Puducherry: Karaikal District Mahe District Pondicherry District Yanam District The following is the List of Puducherry Map Along with their… Read More

Puducherry – Union Territories of India

Puducherry - पुडुचेरी Puducherry is one among the 07 Union Territories of India which is formerly known as "Pondicherry" in India. Union Territory of Puducherry is located in the at the southern part of Indian Peninsula and is bordered with the following places of Tamil Nadu at the side of Karaikal district and Pondicherry district, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh at the side of Mahe… Read More

E-Ration Card Puducherry

About E-Ration Card Puducherry Now, E Ration Card Puducherry have been introduced in the state of Puducherry for the convenience of the citizens of the state as well as the Civil Supplies Department Puducherry for E-Ration Card Puducherry. E-Ration Card Puducherry Eligibility criteria The following is the Eligibility Criteria in order to apply for E Ration Card Puducherry: In the First Place, The… Read More