WBMDFC – West Bengal Minority Scholarship

West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation – পশ্চিমবঙ্গের সংখ্যালঘু উন্নয়ন ও অর্থায়ন সংস্থা In India, the State Government of West Bengal established WBMDFC in the year 1995, based on the provisions of the 1995 West Bengal Act XVIII. WBMDFC stands for the West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation. The Ministry of Minority Affairs also … Read more

Kolkata Municipal Corporation – KMC Property Tax Payment


KMC Tax payment – কেএমসি ট্যাক্স পেমেন্ট KMC stands for Kolkata Municipal Corporation. It is a body in the state of West Bengal which is accountable for administration as well as the infrastructure of Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal, India. At present, this administrative body administers 200.71 sq. Km of the area and the … Read more

West Bengal Finance Department – WBFIN


WB Finance – ডব্লিউ বি ফিন্যান্স The Department of Finance is one of the most significant departments of the State Government of West Bengal. The Ministry of Finance of India monitors the activities of the Finance Department of West Bengal (WBFIN). The State Government of West Bengal’s Finance Department is accountable for managing the finances … Read more

West Bengal Housing Board – WB Housing

wb housing

WB Housing – डब्ल्यूबी आवास We all know that three things are necessary to survive on this planet, Food, Clothes, and Shelter. According to the Constitution of India, Shelter is the most important thing to survive after Food and Clothes. The Housing Department of the West Bengal Government focuses on one of the basic needs of … Read more

New Town Eco Park Kolkata

Eco Park Kolkata

About Eco Park Kolkata Eco Park Kolkata is the most famous attraction, recreational place, and picnic spot for WB State peoples. New Town Eco Park in Kolkata is known as “Prakriti Tirtha” (The Nature Pilgrimage). Know Ecopark Kolkata major attractive features etc here New Town Eco Park in Kolkata Themed Places The following are the Themed … Read more