Re-issuance of passport

Re-issuance of passport

When you are in need of passport issuance, there are 2 different ways. The Indian passport office will issue you a new passport or will re-issue the old passport.

When an Indian citizen has a passport which is now expired (It doesn’t matter of you’ve used it or not and there is no age obligation) then you will have to apply in the category of re-issuance of passport.

Each passport has its validity and upon expiration it has to be renewed. If you will not renew it you will not be eligible for travelling overseas.

Why passport re-issuance is essential?

There are several cases in which the passport re-issuance is necessary. Below mentioned are some of the cases when the passport re-issuance is a must.

Change in private detail

  • Name – If by mistake, you name was misprinted on the passport
  • Date of birth – Because of misprinting your date of birth is not correct on your passport
  • Address – If in case it was mistaken.
  • Spouse name – Spouse name has to be endorsed on the passport after marriage

Exhaustion of passport book

  • In case when all the pages are utilized with the certificates and the stamps of authorities
  • In case when you run out of pages on your passport because of travelling a lot

Damages passport

  • If in case your passport was damages, re-issuance is necessary
  • Passport is a mean of identification when travelling abroad, even if there is a slight damage, it is advised to get a new passport to save you from the trouble.

In case of Lost

  • If you’re travelling abroad and you lost your passport, immediately report you embassy and apply for the emergency certificate. You will be sent back for a new passport.
  • If you’re in India and lost your passport, report to the local police station and apply for a new passport

Expiration within 3 years

  • If you’re planning on travelling abroad for a long term, you are requested to apply for the re-issuance of passport.

Validity expired

  • When your passport is expired, you are not eligible for travelling abroad because of obvious reason. Here you need to apply for the re-issuance of passport.

Documents required for the re-issuance of a passport

  • Proof of address
  • Proof of birth
  • Evidence to affirm that you belong to non-ECR category
  • Old passport booklet
  • Self attested copies of first and last two pages of old passport
  • Appointment receipt

Procedure to apply

The procedure is same as the other passports. You can apply online or you can apply in person with the application form at Passport Seva Kendra. You will be asked to provide the documentation and the fee. After booking your appointment, you can go to any nearest PSK for the photograph and biometric process.

Police verification

There are couple of ways for the police verification and depend on the situation. If you’re applying with the same address and private information, then there is only post-police verification which will be done after the passport process is complete. If in case you are applying with the different information, then there is a pre-police verification in which you will provide the evidence of the private information.


  • The fee for the normal 36 pager passport is only 1500 INR however with the Taktal services you will pay 3500 INR.
  • The fee for the 60 pages passport is 2000 INR but with the Taktal services, you will pay 4000 INR.
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