Check Passport Status

Check Passport Status

When you’ve finished the passport application process, there’ll be a waiting period before your passport is issued. During this period, you can monitor the application status yourself. There can be many reasons why you need to look at your passport status. You might have to track changes or corrections, upgrades and also, alterations that you made for your passport. You can also make a change of address, name and so on.

Ways To Assess Passport Status

To do so, visit passport website-

You can also directly visit this page-

On the web page, you need to choose- Track your program status

Now you will have three distinct choices. They are,

  • Application Status
  • Diplomatic/ Official Application Status
  • RTI Status

If your application has no relation with diplomatic or RTI applications, pick the first alternative- Application Status.

You will be required to enter your Document number. This number is nothing but 15 digit alphanumeric numbers that can be seen in Acceptance Letter. That letter can be issued at application ending procedure at Passport Seva Kendra. It is additionally given at the end of the manual application procedure in DPC, SPC or CSC.

Next, you need to fill your date of birth. If all the information you have given is right, the “Status Tracker” page will occur. In that page, you will find,

  • Your document number
  • First name and last name
  • Application Date

Passport Current Status

It can tell you the stage at which your passport application is in and with this information you might get an idea of getting your passport.

Track The Application Status By Customer Care Centre

You can contact Passport call centre through a toll-free telephone number for getting information about your passport application status. You should also get that information which you might not have obtained on their website.

You can either key in your document number through IVR or you can request the customer care executive to input your file number and date of birth.

For more information, you can visit,

Track The Application Status By Help Desk

Passport Seva Kendras has a helpdesk that could help you with Indian passport queries, whether it is regarding update or status if your passport application. If you want to clear your doubts, you can contact the passport office via email, or call.

Track The Application Status Through Message Service

Now it is possible to check the Passport Application status with your phone. You have to just subscribe to a premium service by paying just INR 30 at the time of passport application registration. You can subscribe to this service when you Passport Seva Kendra during application submission. Apart from getting automatic alerts, you can also use the service for making your own text enquiries for monitoring your application progress.

You can do this by sending a text message along with the following details-

STATUS (space) Your 15 digit alphanumeric Number

Send this SMS to 9704100100. For example, STATUS XYZ123456789 to 9704100100

mPassport Seva Application

This application is another means to know about your passport application status. The mPassport app can runs on all mobile OS platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. we can download it from Google Play Store, Windows Store, BlackBerry World and Apple App Store respectively. If you want to monitor the application status, you need to have the document number along with birthday date. You can also use this application to monitor the passport shipping status on your phone.

Indian Passport Application Status

The whole procedure is recorded and updated continuously, from the application stage to its delivery. Some of the processes your passport application traverses through are listed below.

Application Submitted

When this is shown for your query, it means that your application form is submitted and all the charges have been paid.

App under review or with reason

This implies that the application is processed and will be reviewed for any alteration in the documentation provided by you. You have to check out with the PSK for this as they might need more information from you.

Police verification pending / initiated

This implies that the passport office has initiated passport verification procedure with the nearest police station.

Police verification report under review / submitted / not clear

This status means the passport verification report was not filed by the police department officials to passport office. This might be because of the reasons mentioned below.

  • It is under review for deficiency of information
  • The passport applicant has not completed the verification procedure because the authorities have found the applicant information incriminating

If your passport verification report was held-up, you need to rectify that in the police station in your limits by providing the authorities with the essential information.

Passport granted or printed or dispatched or returned delivered

Once your application has gone through all the necessary procedures, you will get your passport in no time. The passport will be published and discharged by Regional Passport Office. They usually dispatch the passport via Speed Post that it can be easily monitored on India Post website. You can also know the shipping status by going to your nearest post office.

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