Diplomatic Passport in India

Diplomatic passport is probably one of the most elite kinds of passport which is given to the top ranking government officials, Counselors, top officials of the Indian Foreign Service department travelling on duty and their dependents/families or anyone appointed with the diplomat status. It is to be noticed that carrying a diplomatic passport doesn’t offer you with diplomatic immunity, which is something that is bestowed separately. It is referred as the type-D (Diplomatic) passport. It has a maroon color.

Diplomatic Passport is likely a standout among the most tip top sorts of passports which is given to the best positioning government authorities, Counselors, top authorities of the Indian Foreign Service office going on official visit and their dependents/families or anybody delegated with the Diplomatic status. It is to be seen that Diplomatic passport doesn’t offer you with conciliatory resistance, which is something that is gave independently. It is eluded as the type-D (Diplomatic) passport. It has a maroon color.

Qualification criteria for the Diplomatic passport


  • All officers belonging to the Indian foreign services (branch A) while travelling overseas on business officials.
  • In  Indian foreign Services, select officers (B Branch) and official at the MEA (Ministry of External affairs) and ministries of others travelling overseas on official business, determined at MEA from Foreign Services board.
  • Husband/Official hostess/Wife/Dependent son/Dependent daughter/Dependents parents of a qualified officials according to (а) and (b) above, if they are travelling overseas with all the official and their dependent status is known by the ministry*

*Please note that the family member of the government officials are only issued with the diplomatic passport only when they are being sent with the officials on a visit or a business related matters. You are supposed to surrender the passport after the visit.


  • Individuals having/being granted diplomatic standing due to his position or character (of the overseas mission) might be issued with a diplomatic passport
  • Spouse of an official as described in (а) above.

Where to apply for the Diplomatic passport?

Diplomatic passport application can be submitted at the consular, passport and visa division which is located in New Delhi. You can also submit your application at the nearest Passport Seva Kendra but it will be accepted by the head branch in New Delhi.

Documents Process

Submission of the following documents is necessary to get the application approval.

  • P-1 Form
  • P-1 A Form
  • 2 pictures with the white background, signed by the employer
  • PMO/Political retrieval
  • Photocopy of the applicants ID card
  • Safe custody certification if the passport is stored in the secure custody of candidate’s section
  • Original official passport
  • Under section PV-II, if your normal passport was cancelled then the original copy of cancellation certificate is required.

How to apply for brand new ordinary (p) Passport while having a Diplomatic (type-D) passport?

If you are already having a diplomatic passport and would like to apply for the regular passport, then you will have to submit some of the supporting documents with the application. (Requirements are mentioned according to the file no.)

File no. 1 (address evidence)

You can provide any of the below mentioned documents.

  • Passport copy of your spouse
  • You will be asked to provide the first and last page of the passport of every family member if you’re applying for family as well. Also, you need to provide the full family details as well.
  • Passport copy of parents is must for the minors.

File no. 2 (Birth date evidence)

  • Candidates born on or after 26th January 1989 required to submit birth certificate issued by municipal jurisdiction or some other approved authority. The birth certificate should have the applicant’s name, place of birth, date of birth, Name of parents, gender, registration number and date of registration. In the event the birth certification does not have the name of their kid, an affidavit signed by the parents has to be filed and submitted.
  • School or secondary school leaving certificate is required.
  • Affidavit sworn before notary/magistrate together with the place & date of birth in given format (Annexure A) by semi illiterate or illiterate applicants. (lessthan 5 standard).

File no. 11

  • Proof or certification for surrender of the passport

File no. 12 (If surrender certificate is not available)

  • Cancelled passport with a letter which states the valid reason for the non-availability of the surrender certificate.
  • In case the candidate is government employee/public sector employee/statutory employee, the above mentioned documents have to be filed

File no. 45

  • Certification of Identity as per Annexure B

*In case when you provide document 12, there is no need to submit document 2.

Fine for miss-commitment or keeping details on previously issued diplomatic or official passport while applying for a new regular passport is 500 INR

Issuance/Re-issuance of Official/Diplomatic passport

To benefit the authority or diplomatic passport, by then you need to download the form online. Normally, the majority of the requests for diplomatic passports and official passports are simply engaged in the consular, Passport and Visa (CPV) branch located in Patiala House – Delhi. It is likewise conceivable to do this in the closest passport office.

Make sure to submit the below mentioned documents with application form:

  • Provide regular passport proof of the protected custody in the workplace
  • Provide official or diplomatic passport. The first diplomatic and regular passport has to be submitted for cancellation process. The secure custody certification has to be assured if the initial diplomatic passport is retained using the Ministry of External Affairs. Cancellation certification is required if the Ministry of External Affairs has cancelled the first diplomatic passport
  • Official ID card’s photocopy
  • A photo copy of certificate form that is being issued from Head office in a way and it is enclosed inside new application for the Diplomatic Passport and for regular Pass port.
  • Request catered by the forward officer in the form of an official or diplomatic passport application. You have to cater the PMO or the politic clearance certification, if it is applicable to you.
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