Minor passport

Minor passport

According to the passport issuing authorities, the candidates who are less than 18 years old are known as minors. In the event of travelling, a minor should have its own passport with all the details.

Passport Validity for Minor

  • In India, all minors can make an application for a five year passport. Children aged between 15 and 18 years old, however, have the choice of applying for a five year passport or a normal 5 year passport based on their need.
  • The 5-уеаr passport expires when the minor turns 18, or when the five year period is over. The normal 10-уеаr passport is subject to the exact same procedure and conditions as a standard adult’s passport.
  • A normal ten year passport is more expensive to get than the usual five year minor passport. In any case, ordinary passports are subject to police confirmation, unlike minor’s passport.

Who will apply for the Minor’s passport?

Parents or guardians can apply for the minor’s passport with all the supporting documents.

Things to remember when applying for a minor’s passport

To save your time and save yourself from a lot of hassle, make sure all the supporting documents are ready. You do not need to go with your child for the appointment however when you send them for appointment, make sure they to hand over your written consent for the passport. Here are some of the important things that you need to remember.

  • Attested copies of the parents’ passport will have to attach with all the supporting documents. This is in case when both the parents are passport holder.
  • The name of the father should be mentioned on the mother’s passport. If this is not the case, they both the parents will have to apply for a new passport where their names are endorsed on the passports.
  • You will apply for the passport with the Annexure D, where both of the parents will agree to the process and will provide the proven consent through an affidavit which will be attested by the Indian embassy or Indian mission. The parent’s living abroad will have to submit the copies of their passport as well.
  • If in case, one of the parents is not available for the consent, then you will apply with Annexure C.

Below mentioned is the table where you will easily understand the Annexure.

S. no. Case Documents to be submitted
1. Passport program with the consent of parents Annexure D
2. Applied by legal Guardian Annexure D
3. Minor with single parent (When the other parent is dead) Annexure D
4. Applied by a single parent when the other one is not available Annexure C

How to apply for minor’s passport online in India?

The application process is pretty simple and same as the regular passport however you need some different documents for the minor’s passport for the obvious reason. The parents or the guardians have to be on with the child on the day of appointment otherwise they can send the written consent with their child on the appointment.

On the other hand, under the new guidelines by the passport issuance authorities, you will have to be in the passport office for your biometric and for the pictures for the passport.

Procedure for applying:

You will simply register on the passport Seva website and it will generate your username and ID. Fill the form and submit it. You will also have to make the payment online. Taktal services are available for the Minor’s passport program; you’ll have to pay the charges for it.

After you make the payment, you will be able to book an appointment at the passport Seva Kendra.

Going to Passport Seva Kendra

Take each and every file and supporting documents when going to the Passport office for the appointment. You need to be there before 15 minutes of the appointment. The passport procedure is simple and smooth. You will go through some of the verification process and biometric verification. After the whole process, you be handed a slip.

Documents required for a new minor’s passport

  • Birth proof
  • Proof of home address

To present these proof, you can carry the below mentioned documents with you which will be served as a proof.

  • Photocopy of child’s birth certificate
  • Copy of school certificate
  • Ration card
  • Adhaar card
  • School’s ID card

Additional Documents requirement

Parent’s passport

You will have to carry the copies of parent’s passport, the passports should be valid and the spouse name should be mentioned on the passports. If in case the name is not endorsed on the passport, you will not be issued with the minor’s passport and you’ll have to apply for the parents’ passport first.

Consent of parents

Annexure H should be carried with all the documents as it is a valid proof of the consent from both the parents.

If the parents are residing abroad

Annexure H should be carried with the signatures of both the parents with the signed affidavit.

If the parents are divorced

A divorce certificate should be carried with the documents.

If the child is adopted

Annexure H is required in order to apply for the minor’s passport.

Fee for the Minor’s Passport

Normal passport – 1000 INR

Taktal passport – 3000 INR

Normal re-issuance of passport for a candidate (less than 15 years) – 1000 INR

Normal re-issuance of passport for a candidate (15-18 years) – 1500 INR

Regular Re-issue (15-18 years) 2000 INR.