Passport Application Form

Passport Application Form

When you apply for passport or anything identified with passport procurement in India, You should give the supporting documents as well. This procedure includes filling a form also in which you unequivocally describe the reason and the type of passport you need.

Where to get the Passport application form?

There are two ways to get the access of the passport application form. Now a day, we are living in a digital era so everything is available online. You need to visit the passport Seva on the mentioned link below.

You can get the online form and you will have the capacity to fill it online also. Else, it can be downloaded too and you can fill it subsequent to printing the form. Subsequent to filling the form physically, you can examine it and upload it on the site.

Another way is that you can get the form from the passport office and subsequent to filling it you can present the form back to the closest passport office in your local area.

Here, we would like to add an important note that the offline form procedure is only for the fresh and new applications.

Place to submit the passport application form

Passport application form could be filled and filed either on the website or offline in light of the application procedure. Online passport application forms are documented on the website, printed forms are submitted offline. Online sections are done through passport website. Offline applications are done at the PSK’s or different collection centers. Application fee and reports taking documents will shift contingent upon how the forms are documented.

Online Application

Various kinds of forms are available on the passport office website under the ‘Forms and Affidavit’ tab. Here you will find different forms such as:

  • E-forms for downloading
  • Application forms for printing
  • Annexure to forms and supporting affidavits
  • Format of announcement of projects GSR 570(е)

Printing Forms

While the forms are to be filled on the website, the passport official site likewise gives the printable forms as well. These forms can be downloaded and submitted in the passport office after filling. Following of the printable forms are accessible on the site.

  • Main Type for new or fresh or renewal or reissue passport application
  • Supplementary form for new or fresh or renewal or reissue passport application
  • Instruction booklet for the above mentioned forms.
  • Forms for police clearance certificate, identity certification and concede certificate
  • Form for LOC permit.

To access these forms, you should have adobe reader in your computer/laptop.

Annexure and Affidavit

Where required, annexure and affidavit and attached with the application forms as a supporting documents.

Annexure A – this is an affidavit for submission by illiterate/uneducated applicants which gives evidence of their birth date.

Annexure B – this can be an identity certificate required to be submitted by all workers of the central or state governments, of statutory bodies, and of public business organizations.  This also applies to the spouse and children (below 18 years) of such employees.

Annexure C – this can be an affidavit for submission of passport application by the mother or father of a child where the parents have been separated, but not divorced.

Annexure D – This is an affidavit for submission by a female applicant applying to change her title in the passport after her marriage.

Annexure E – This is an affidavit for submission in the event of application for change in deed or name or sworn affidavit.

Annexure F – This is a confirmation certificate for passport employed for taktal reasons.

Annexure G – this is a declaration for entry by a minor’s parent or guardian for a Minor’s passport.  This is in situations where only 1 parent has given the consent for the applicant to get a passport.

Annexure H – This is a declaration for submission with an applicant’s parents or guardians for a minor’s passport.

Annexure I – this is the conventional affidavit in which the applicants’ state his/her name, his/her parents’ and partner’s name (if any).  The applicant also states his residential address, and that he/she is Indian and free of criminal record along with other details.

Annexure J – This is a verification certificate which needs to be submitted the conventional affidavit mentioned above (Annexure I).  It is issued by the chairman of both apex company organizations to its member companies’ managers or supervisors or partners.

Annexure K – This is an affidavit for a new passport or renewing a passport, acquired before wedding.  It is also for the applicants who are married but due to marital problems cannot provide supporting marriage documents via the marriage certificate or a joint affidavit with a partner/spouse.  It as well applies to applicants who are married but are separated rather than divorced.

Annexure L – This is an affidavit for the submission when applying for a passport because of damaged or stolen passport.

Annexure M – this is a no objection certificate issued by a specific ministry or office or department stating that there is no objection whatsoever to the person obtaining the passport.

Annexure N – This can be a prior intimation letter for submission by an applicant who is an employee of the government, public organization or statutory body.  The letter is filled out to inform his/her employer that he/she is applying for a passport.

Undertaking GSR570 (e)

This is a form where the applicant mention all the basic and necessary information like, name father and mother name, spouse name (if any) even the criminal record has to mentioned on it.

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