Passport for Govt Employees

Passport for Govt Employees

How to apply for passport for government employees/ public sector unit(PSU)/ statutory body

Difficult to have IC ( Identity Certificate ) or NOC ( No Objection Certificate ) for few employees. To overcome this problem , Indian government has launched a new feature named as prior intimation letter. The applicants can send this passport agreement to the controlling authority to submit his passport application. It helps passport speed up the process and make passport issuance much easier.

Procedures for applying for a passport as government worker

Because government employees find it hard to apply for passports under the old system, steps were put in place to make the process easier. earlier, workers needed to get a no objection certificate (NOC) from their company. And then they could  get to any passport seva kendra with no prior appointment/booking. The NOC would you need to be tendered , then the passport application process would start. The authorities charged with verification would process  their task at a later period . however , with  the new system , the government made the procedure easier but also took away some advantages.

The worker has to make prior intimation letter to their administration or controlling authority debriefing them about the application of Passport. if the authority has any objections whatsoever, they’d make them known to the RPO.

How to apply for a government worker passport

  • first you should submit prior intimation letter for passport
  • Second you give it to administration or controlling authority
  • The administration or controlling authority will know that you apply for passport
  • but when the authority has some issue with your application, the authority or administration contacts RPO
  • THE RPO is the regional passport office

The necessary documents for a government worker passport

Government employees and workers of PSU’s or statutory members can submit the following required documents :

  1. Take the copy of prior intimation letter and submit to administrative or controlling authority
  2. Take the No objection certificate from the administrative or controlling authorities
  3. From the controlling or administrative authorities take identity certificates.

When you’ve submitted your application on the internet, there’s an chance to view submitted or saved applications. then, you can pay and make an appointment. In order to schedule an appointment, the passport payment has to be made. The passport seva kendra uses the State Bank of India payment portal.

By the Following Modes, you can pay the amount:

  • debit card payments (MasterCard or VISA) – charges are 1.5%+  tax
  • credit card payments (MasterCard or VISA) – charges 1.5%+ tax
  • internet banking payment (SBI and associate banks) – no charge
  • SBI challan payment – no charge, at the nearest State Bank branch the fee should be deposited after few hours generating the challan and with in 85 days.

To apply passport through tatkal scheme, they have to pay for the amount through online for normal scheme. Once your tatkal request has been accepted, they need to pay the remainder in amount of cash at the passport seva kendra.

The best way to pay the government employee passport fee

First you need to  fill application from correctly. You should also note that all details are pretty much included in there. Then, you have to choose “submit application form”. afterwards, choose ” pay and plan appointment” in order to book an appointment at a passport seva kendra

you can also choose any alternative. As it allows you to cover passport application fee. To be free to choose SBI payment portal, or you may choose other options too.

Note the following

if you’re applying for tatkal passport application, you need to pay online first . however this is free for normal passport fees. the extra tetkal fee is not there . and that means you pay the extra at the passport office.

fee for Indian passport application form for government workers

You  can find below fee for different passports. and this is applicable to ordinary and tatkal passport application form . for the government workers:

Normal passport application fee for government workers

  • for 36 pages passport , fee is Rs 1.500
  • but for 60 pages passport, the fee is Rs 2.000

Passport application form fee for government workers in taktal mode

  • 3500 is the fee for 36 pages passport
  • while it is Rs 4000 program fee . and it’s for 60 pages passport for government worker

Police verification for government workers applying for passport

  • police verification will performed before the issuance of passport with the prior intimation letter.
  • police confirmation could be cot consider if the worker submits the ID certificate form in original as required in annexure B
  • Passport could be issued on after police confirmation basis if worker submits NOC according to annexure M.
  • for retired government employees, the passport will be issued after police verification basis if the employee submits the pension payement order
  • in the event of reissue of passport, police confirmation is still applicable
  • family members of employees can bypass police confirmation should they submit an identity certificate in original according to annexure-B(of dependent)and a standard affidavit according to annexure-I

Passport application process for regular and government applicants

  • First you have to register at passport seva kendra website
  • you can visit the official passport website for applications by clicking on the following link:
  • after registering at passport site , fill the application form
  • and finally click on the “submit’ tab
  • after submission, you must pay passport fee
  • moreover you need to book passport appointment slot
  • finally on day of passport booking, take along documents necessary for passport application too
  • officials check all details
  • after checking they issue receipt
  • finally there will be passport verification check
  • and following successful passport verification check, you’ll get your passport

prior intimation letter for passport

the prior intimation is actually a letter that is made by  the passport candidate addressed to their controlling authority or government body pre-informing them about his application. this intimation has to be sent before submitting an application for the passport. the letter format is annexure N when passport application is filed, later prior intimation copy will be sent to the relavent controlling authority of this employee/applicant. in case the authority refused the issuance of the passport , they could revert back to the regional passport office with movies of objection . the last choice (whether to grant) passport insurance or not is going to be decision of the passport issuing authority.

The no objection certificate

The No Objection Certificate is issued by commanding administrating authorities in the format of annexure M. NOC assists the govt servants and PSU employees in the process of obtaining their passport. If just the NOC is filed , then police verification is mandatory , after which the passport will be issued only after police verification.

The identity certificate

the IC should be issued in the format of the annexure-B. the IC will be issuing by the commanding authority or the administrative authority under which the worker works. the IC assists the government/PSU and autonomous body employees process their passport. With the IC , the police verification can be avoided. the passport will be issued without police confirmation .


the worker’s partner and minors up to  18 years can submit the identity certificate for expeditious issue on passport procurement . in case the applicant is submitting the IC, then they would also be asked to submit annexure-T.

  • IC should be issued on the official office letterhead
  • Anyway ,NOC on plain paper, with the signature or stamp will be taken
  • ahead intimation is filed by the applicant and should be submitted on plain paper
  • on all the three documents , the telephone ,facsimile ,and email ID of the commanding authority ought to be indicated so that the passport office can confirm the details
  • for army personnel with APO address, they may submit their passport application at their stations where they were posted. these application may also submitted at their permanent address. in case like this , the spouse or adult child (in case the spouse is divorced) may receive their passport by an authority letter. the passport may be received by hand or through post . The identical procedure applies to the navy and air forces staff.
  • All three documents will be valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

Travelling out of the country

Worker for the government must have the prior consent from their department or ministry of travelling overseas. the conduct rule stay the same with the direction issued by the department or personnel and training and other concerned offices and officials .

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